Is my pet in pain from mange?

It is possible your pet is in pain from dealing with mange mites, especially if they have secondary infections. Mange mites generally cause hair loss and extreme itching and inflammation to the skin. It is the excessive scratching and secondary infection that would cause your pet to be in pain.

Secondary infections can be extremely painful and can become bloody pustules and lesions. If not treated they will only become worse. Our company does offer a treatment for staph infection in pets, click here for more information.

Your pet can be in pain with mange depending on the severity of the mange your pet has. If you pet is dealing with demodectic mange, this type of mange is inherited from the mother. Your pet can not tell you when they are hurting but they can show you signs they are in pain. For instance some symptoms of pain could be lack of energy, whining, scratching, biting, loss of appetite and bleeding.

When dealing with demo mange the mites are usually always present on the skin but they will not begin to burrow unless your dog has a lowered immune system. This can be caused by stress or injury. It is important to boost your pet’s immune system with vitamins of immune boost foods. One product you can use is our PetsBestRx Mighty Vites.

When dealing with sarcoptic mange this is contagious and is usually not as severe. However, if your pet is allowed to scratch and open the skin. If the skin is open it can cause a secondary infection or staph infection. The staph infection would have to be treated before the mange can be treated. When dealing with sarcoptic mange it is very important to treat your environment because this form of mange is highly contagious. Again, your pet can not tell you if they are in pain but it is important to watch your pet for signs and symptoms of mange so it can be treated before it becomes severe.