How long will it be until my pet’s skin is healed from mange?

The desired results will depend on the severity of the mange symptoms. However, most customers report seeing noticeable improvement within 48 hours of their first mange treatment application. If you do not see a noticeable improvement within the first 48 hours you must contact a customer service representative in order for us to customize a regimen that may better work for you and your pet with mange.

The length of healing time from mange will depend on the severity of the mange on the skin. Signs of the severity of mange can be oozing, pustules, redness, bumps and hair loss. Also with a severe case of mange your pet’s appetite will reduce and they will become lethargic.

Another sign could be that there is a septic smell present on your pet’s skin. If this is present, it is a sign of a secondary infection and the staph infection must be treated before the mange. Most customers notice an improvement in the first 48 hours. Some signs that your pet is getting better may be hair re-growth, no bumps, no redness, gain energy and increased appetite. If you pet is not getting better you must call our customer support center so that we can specialize a regimen for your mange treatment.

You also need to make sure to disinfectant the environment. It will help to prevent the re-infestation of mange mites. You can wash any bedding areas in hot water and put in the dry on High for 20 to 30 minutes.