How is mange contracted?

Animals become infested with sarcoptic mange by direct contact with another infested animal. Demodectic mange is passed from the mother to the litter. These are the only two ways for animals to contract mange mites.Mange can be contracted by different things depending on what type of mange your pet is fighting.

Sarcoptic mange is very contagious and is transferred by direct contact with an infected animal. Any type of animal can have a form of sarcoptic mange from a fox to a rabbit. Mange is contacted in a different way if your dog is dealing with demodectic mange. Demodectic mange is inherited from the mother in the womb and is not contagious to other pets. One way to keep demodectic mites at bay is to give your pet vitamins to boost their immune system. Your dog will usually have an outbreak that is caused by a lowered immune system. This can happen from stress, injury, depression or old age. Dogs can have mange mites present on the fur without them burrowing into the skin and causing a reaction. Having a lowered immune system can cause the mange mites to decide to burrow into the skin and then your pet will start to show the symptoms of mange. Humans cannot catch mange mites but they can experience a little bit of irritation and itching from the mites present in the environment. Sarcoptic mange mites can also be transferred to cats causing notoedric mange or feline scabies.