Do vets use your mange products?

We do supply our PetsBestRx mange mite products to some veterinarians. Most vets use traditional treatments even though they may be harmful to your animal.

Some vets do use our mange products for treatment and also recommend customers to buy our mange products. Also some vets do not know about our products to use or recommend. Some vets prefer to prescribe treatments for mange that have been used over time like Ivermectic and Mitaban. These products do not always work for mange because the mange mites have become resistant to traditional treatments.

All of our mange products are complete safe, effective and nontoxic. Our mange kits are backed by our 100% money back guarantee if they are not working for you. We do have some vets that are stocking our mange products in their clinics and some only recommend our products for treatment. Our products are guaranteed to work for you, if you are not experiencing results we ask that you contact our customer support department so we can specialize a regimen for you and your pet. Not all pets are the same and some require a more advanced treatment.