Do I need to shave my pet with mange?

It is not required you shave your pet. It is easier to apply the PetsBestRx mange mite products if the hair is cut short. This will aid in the appliction of the products and to make sure they are fully absorbed into the skin.

It is recommended you shave your pet when treating for mange. The main reason you want to shave your pet is because you want to get as close to the affected area of skin as possible. A common symptom of mange is hair loss. If the hair is already missing from the affected area, you do not have to worry about shaving your pet.

Shaving your pet can help to save the hair follicle that are still present on the skin. If you are treating a longer haired breed of dog or cat, shaving can help you to notice mange spots that you would not have been able to see before. It is not required that you shave all the way to the skin only enough to be able to see the skin that needs to be treated.

If you do shave your pet with mange, make sure you treat your grooming tools so that you do not spread the mange mites back on your pet or other pets. You can treat your groom tools by using our PuraCleenRx ready to use, hospital grade disinfectant spray. They only need to be lightly sprayed with the disinfectant and wiped to make sure they are sanitized. You can also use our PuraCleenRx Xtreme Cleen. This is a concentrated disinfectant cleaner. You can dilute this product to make a spray and lightly mist the grooming tools. If you are using an electric razor, do not dip them in water or disinfectant only lightly mist them and wipe off with a paper towel or wash cloth.