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Ear Mite Treatment

Ear Mite Treatment

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ear mite treatmentSafe, Pesticide-Free Ear Mite Treatment


For Cats, Dogs & Other Animals

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Deep Penetrating Ear Wash Treatment


Safely and Effectively Eliminates Irritating Debris and Promotes Healing

Is your pet trying to tell you something?

You’re reading this, so chances are you’re in need of an Ear Mite Treatment. Have you been watching your pet shaking their head excessively, scratching at their ears and whimpering? These are sure signs of an ear mite infestation.

Have you looked closely into their ears? If so, have you noticed tiny black specks far down in the ear canal? If not, then please check their ears carefully right now for evidence of ear mites!

If you’re like me, you love your pets as if they’re your own children and would do anything to end their suffering. You’ve got to act now to help your pet.

Just the thought of having thousands of microscopic bugs crawling around in their ear canal is enough to drive anyone crazy! Well sadly enough, that’s exactly the agony your pet is going through!

Hearing Loss can occur without an Ear Mite Treatment

Dog ear mites or cat ear mites can be quite traumatic for your pet to endure and if not treated quickly, can easily develop into serious complicationsincluding hearing loss. To top it off, it’s highly contagious to your other pets too!

Your Pet can’t speak to describe the agony it’s going through. It’s up to YOU to save them from this horrible torture. Don’t risk your pet’s health by using questionable remedies or dangerous toxic “treatments”. Pets’BestRx’s Safe and Effective Ear Mite Treatment is the answer! Let’s us show you how.

Dear Pet Owner,

I’m Joseph Marquardt, President and Founder of Pets’BestRx. We take pride in educating pet owners on symptoms of ear mites and offering a proven safe, pesticide free solution to treat your pet.

Luckily you just found a one-of-a-kind ear mite treatment for your pets’ ear mite problem that removes irritating mite debris AND also promotes the healing of ear infection quickly. In fact, you are about to discover the amazing Secret 1-2 Punch Ear Mite Treatment Formula some veterinarians don’t want you to know about.

“…after bringing Sammy to the vet twice and she still had those black specks in her ear, I was at my wits end! I was out $200.00 and she still had mites…”

Pets’BestRx can hands down stop your pet’s intense itching, flush away torturing sounds of mites crawling around in their ears and even soothe ear infections.

Don’t Let Your Beloved Pet Suffer One More Day with the Shake, Rattle & Roll of Ear Mite Infestation! Get a Guaranteed Ear Mite Treatment!

Rest Assured…our experienced Veterinary Consultants have helped countless pet owners with cat and dog ear mite problems. They can help you and your pet too.

Our Dual Action treatment was specifically formulated to cleanse and relieve the symptoms of dog ear mites or feline ear mites. In addition to eliminating ear mite symptoms, it soothes the irritated skin by working immediately to reduce inflammation as well as prevent ear infection.

It penetrates deep into the tissues to begin working on contact. Once the dog ear mites or cat ear mite infestation is solved, we offer products that reduce the chances of your pet ever getting ear mites again! Our products are great for use with regular grooming and maintenance once the infection and irritation caused by ear mites has been eliminated.

Pets’BestRx™ has spent years perfecting this safe & effective solution for your pet’s needs. There’s no need to worry about harmful pesticides or harsh chemicals. We are so certain that our products will work for your pet the first time, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Looking products for ear mite treatment?

Joseph Marquardt

President, Qbased Solutions

What Ear Wash Treatment and Healing & Protection Spray did for Princess

Thanks to Pets’BestRx™ !

ear mite treatmentMy Seal Point Siamese cat(Princess), had a very bad case of earmites that was not responding to any product from my local pet store. I did a search online and found your product Ear Wash Treatment and Healing Protection Spray. I purchased it because of reading other testimonials.

Each day I used the product I was removing more debris from the ears. It took a total of six days for my poor Princess but this product is amazing, it is gentle to the skin and non-toxic. It smells great and most of all it really works. Wrapping Princess in a towel while I did the treatments made her Purr overtime! I will continue the Healing & Protection Spray to keep her ears clear of any further ear infection. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!!!

Christine W. from Stockton, CA

About Ear Mite Symptoms

ear mite treatmentEar Mites are tiny infectious organisms which resemble white microscopic ticks. Dog ear mites or feline ear mite ear infections usually produce a dry, black discharge from the ear commonly said to resemble coffee grounds. Ear Mite infection symptoms are often diagnosed based on the presence of the discharge alone, even without visual confirmation of the mites under a microscope.

The mites crawl around inside the ear canal and come in contact with the cerumen (ear wax). The ear canal becomes irritated and the lining begins to secrete a serum. A thick, black, crusty substance begins to form and it may nearly close off the ear canal. The irritation and blockage of air flow can cause a secondary bacterial or fungal infection.

ear mite treatmentMost symptom of ear mite cases are found in cats and ferrets. Dogs can be infected as well with dog ear mites, however, dogs are prone to other types of ear infections that don’t involve mites, so you have to be careful in diagnosing mites.

Ear mite infection is very contagious among cats and dogs and is usually accompanied by inflammation, head shaking and ear scratching. If left untreated long enough, infection can spread to the tail and feet or worse yet, hearing loss or deafness can occur. The feet and tail also need to be treated if infection occurs. Typically, outdoor cats fall victim to ear mites. People have reported to develop skin rashes; however, pet owners are unlikely to experience any dog ear mites symptoms or cat ear mite symptoms when their pet is infected with ear mites.

If you notice a foul smell or odor coming from your pets ears, that is a sure sign of an ear infection. Ear infections are the number one complaint in dog and cat owners. In dogs with long ears, because the ears hang, it doesn’t allow air to flow. A moist, dark and hot ear is a perfect environment for bacteria or yeast infections to grow. This is why it is so important to keep your pets ears clean.

Ear infections can be dangerous if they’re ignored. In many cases the eardrum can perforate or the infection could get intense enough to travel to the brain. It’s critical as a pet owner that you learn how to handle Ear Mite infestations safely and quickly.

In order to effectively treat for ear mites, it is important to treat the environment as well. If you have an outside pet, it is important to keep them away from those areas and other pets until the dog ear mite or feline ear mite infection is repaired and the infestation in the environment is gone. If you don’t treat your pet AND its environment, and the pet is not restricted from infested environments, the chances of getting ear mites again or passing it on to other pets is very high.

To learn much more about Ear Mites, visit our eGuide

How It Works

Pets' BestRx Mitactin SprayPets’BestRxEar Wash Treatment uses a unique proprietary blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants and essential oils which have been successfully used for decades to treat skin affected by mites. The testing results show a 98.8% success rate when treating for ear mite symptoms.

Pets’BestRxEar Wash Treatment simultaneously eradicates the problem, while easing the itching and irritation on your pet’s skin. There are no poisons or pesticides in the formula, allowing you to apply directly on your pet’s ears with complete peace of mind. When applying Ear Wash Treatment with a cotton ball or Q-Tip, it safely removes the debris and build-up left behind from the infection successfully.

Pets' BestRx Healing and Protection SprayPets’BestRx™ even goes one step further by helping to treat the pet’s skin. Pets’BestRx™ Healing & Protection Spray is a medicated spray that treats infections, stops future ones from occurring and prevents your pet from getting secondary infections normally associated with ear mite infestations.

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Our pets’ ears are very sensitive, and highly susceptible to mosts stimulants. We at Qbased Solutions understand that. This is why we’ve designed our Pets’BestRx products, with the help of trained animal care specialists, to be completely safe and non-toxic for your pet. The only affect you’ll notice after using our propriety-formulated Pets’BestRx products is a happy, healthy pet.

Looking for Mitactin™ Spray?

Due to confusion caused by our Pets’BestRx Mitactin (for Pets) and All Stop Mitactin (for People), we’ve decided to change the name of Pets’BestRx Mitactin to Pets’BestRx Ear Wash Treatment.

This change affects the product name only. The product itself will be identical to the Pets’BestRx Mitactin in all other aspects. You may notice this change may affect product labeling, advertising, websites, and print materials.

Qbased Solutions, and its divisions, will continue to provide the same quality People and Pet skin care products and services to you.

The Proof

What Ear Wash Treatment can do for YOUR Pet!

  • Permanently remove Debris and promote Healing
  • Treat the Infection
  • Serves as a Maintenance Kit for Future Healthy Ears

Success Stories

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Glory’s Suffering with Ear Mites Was Soothed When Pets’BestRx™

Ear Mite Solution Took Action!

picture of Glory with no cat health ear mites“After many expensive trips to the Vet, my cat still had ear mites and the infection kept getting worse. The Vet was treating it orally and with topical products. I was desperate and scared it would damage the eardrum!

Glory kept shaking her head and I could tell she was in pain. I searched the Internet and found Pets’BestRx. The products were guaranteed and I had them shipped overnight. After 24 hours, Glory already seemed relieved, couldn’t see any mites and her ears were completely healed from infection by the 4th day. I recommend this wonderful product to every pet owner.”

-Paulette, Kansas

“Thank you! Thank You!

Your product has improved

our pet’s life dramatically!”

Our Yorkie had mites and our Vet diagnosed him with scabies 3 weeks ago. We went through the dips and the oral medications and nothing worked. Max was miserable and I hated seeing him suffer. I used to rub cortisone cream all over him every night just to give him a little relief.

Finally I found Pets’BestRx! Although I was reluctant to try it, I was desperate! I ordered and requested overnight delivery and I began using it the very next day. I saw immediate relief in MAX’s itching and now

it’s 3 days later and I even see his pus modules & sores healing up. The mites are gone…. This product is a miracle!

– Priscilla, CA

After trying expensive prescription medication with no luck, Randy sees results with Ear Wash Treatment the very next day!

“Wow! Great product. We adopted a feral cat who came into the house with a nasty infestation of ear mites. We took her to the vet, who charged me nearly $100 to clean her ears and for one bottle of medication. He recommended we bring the other animals in (I have 7 cats and 2 dogs). This was not economically feasible. The treatment regimen also required drops for 10 days, off for 10 and then a repeat of the 10 day application.

I used some over the counter medication for nearly a week with no results and also tried a home remedy for ear mites with no luck. After spending an evening cleaning ears with Ear Wash Treatment, there was improvement the next day! I cleaned ears for the next two days with the Ear Wash Treatment and none of the animals are flipping their heads or scratching at their ears.

This is something I intend to keep on hand!

– Randy Walden


  1. Ordinary Ear Mite solutions are pesticides and are considered very toxic! Why put a pesticide on your pet when there’s something that is safe to use AND WORKS GREAT?
  2. Everyday ear mite solutions, even the prescription ones, take weeks to work if they ever work at all? Ear Wash Treatment goes to work in just seconds and works completely in 48 hours or less.
  3. Ear Wash Treatment is Non-Toxic and does NOT contain pesticides; so you can feel comfortable using it near and even in your pet’s ears.
  4. Pets’BestRxDual Action Maximum Strength Kit not only gets rid of the debris in your pet’s ears, it also begins working on the infection. If your pet’s ears smell, chances are it is suffering with infection. Our Ear Mite Kit is an excellent solution to your pet’s ear mite symptoms and you never have to worry about “What Do Ear Mites Look Like” again.
Price Per Ounce Non-Toxic Ingredients Guaranteed Treats Infection
Pets’BestRx 7.48 Pets'BestRx Uses Only Non-Toxic Ingredients Pets'BestRx Uses Only Non-Toxic Ingredients Pets'BestRx Uses Only Non-Toxic Ingredients
PetCareRx – 4 paws 12.38 Pets'BestRx Uses Only Non-Toxic Ingredients
PetCareRx – R7m 5.64 Pets'BestRx Uses Only Non-Toxic Ingredients
Entirely Pets – Otomite Plus 13.90 Pets'BestRx Uses Only Non-Toxic Ingredients
1-800-PetMeds – MitaClear 14.37 Pets'BestRx Uses Only Non-Toxic Ingredients
1-800-PetMeds – Eradimite 10.99 Pets'BestRx Uses Only Non-Toxic Ingredients
PetSmart – Miticide 10.49 Pets'BestRx Uses Only Non-Toxic Ingredients

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Cleaning your pet’s ears is Easier than you Think!

Many people are scared to clean their pet’s ears in fear they will damage their pet’s ear drum or cause hearing loss. There’s no need to fear. Look at the diagram and see how the cotton swab, when placed correctly, can’t even reach the ear drum.

Relax… It’s important that your pet’s ears are cleaned regularly to eliminate infestation and infection. Regular cleaning will eliminate problems for your pet and it will allow him to live a happy, healthier life.

Ear Canal with Q-Tip Insertion to clean ears from earmites

Pets’BestRx™ offers two EASY-TO-USE solutions. We eradicate the debris and treat the infection quickly and easily. Maintain and clean your pet’s ears with the Pets’BestRxHealing & Protection Spray regularly and never worry about complications! Your pet will love you for it.

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Our Guarantee

We are so confident that our treatment is the BEST Choice for your pet we are going to give you our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

All we ask is that you make an honest effort to use our products as directed by contacting a customer service representative within 4 to 5 days of receipt if you are not seeing a noticeable improvement. This allows us to give you additional assistance to make a change in regimen. If you are still not satisfied with our products, we will gladly provide a full refund of the purchase price.

For more information on returns, please read our Company Policy.

About The Company

Qbased Solutions™ started treating parasite skin problems in people and pets years ago while using quality medicinal gels and sprays. Our proprietary blend of surfactants worked extremely well against mites and other human skin parasites. We raised the bar and set our sites on treating pet ear and skin infections in a safe, non-toxic way.

After 5 years and hundreds of thousands of treatments later, we have refined and tested our Ear Mite products to a point we guarantee our they will work now. We have experienced outstanding growth and success since our inception that has been built on customer trust and our integrity and commitment to quality products and giving good value to our customers.

Because of our personal customer connection and constant direct feedback, we have been able to perfect our formulations and regimens to meet the ever changing requirements and demands of today’s problems.

Unlimited 24/7 Veterinary Consulting Help


Our friendly veterinary advisors attend regular extensive training sessions and are ready to build a personal relationship with you to help you end your pets ear mite agony. Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of our experience we have from helping thousands of satisfied ear mite customers just like yourself? Never worry about “What Do Ear Mites Look Like” because our trained specialist can help you every step of the way.


Telephone Support Available 5 Days A Week

Call 1.337.937.8800

Monday – Friday

8 am to 7pm CST


Unlimited Live Chat 5 Days A Week


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Comprehensive Ear Mite Electronic Bonus Report with all purchases


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Ear mite eGuide

A comprehensive eGuide on ear mites


With our expedited shipping, in as little as one day, you can begin treating the symptoms of ear mite on your pet, and allow your pet to live a normal live again.

With Q-Based, your package arrives at your door quickly and confidentially. You can even smile at the unsuspecting delivery person as he drops off the key to restoring your pet’s sanity. Isn’t it reassuring to know your family’s private matters can stay private?


Buy the Ear Wash Treatment Solution!


Let your pet Get Back to Enjoying Life!

You’ve already found the solution to your pet’s Ear Mite nightmare right here, so why go anywhere else? For a small investment — less than the price of a night at the movies — you can solve your pet’s ear mite crisis right now.

With just a few quick clicks of your mouse, or one simple phone call, you and your pet can get back to living their life! Do what’s best for your pet and order the guaranteed Pets’BestRxEar Mite Pack today!

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