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“The Results Were Immediate…He Was Feeling Better…
I Truly Believe in this product.”

My son has a pug puppy who started having skin problems at the age of eight weeks. I took him to the vet who said it was allergies and gave him some antibiotics and an antihistamine. His rash got worse and worse and he stunk to high heaven. I spent hundreds of dollars on different products trying to help him as well as changing his diet. I found the Sulfinex cream, body wash and spray combo and said what the heck. I’ll try it. The results were immediate. He looked better, was feeling better and most important of all smelled better in one day!! I truly believe in this product. Pokey the pug still has food allergies,but whenever he starts to get itchy or I start to smell that yucky smell, we start the body wash, spray and cream and it starts working overnight. I just came online to order some more and decided to leave this testimonial. I am so glad that I found something that works.

– Vivian P

“It worked really well and it was gone in a week.”

My Airedale had a staph infection on his skin that would not go away. I used The Rejuvenating Body Wash and Skin Conditioner 3 pack with the gel and spray. It worked really well and it was gone in a week. I was so happy with the results. When I had a question for usage, I contacted the online service and they answered me right away. Your products did what they promised!!!!

– J. Wigle, PA

“A breeder suggested we try your products and boy did they work FAST!”

My 3 yr old pit bull developed a staph infection and we have treated 4x for with different (very expensive) antibiotics for 8wks at a time. We have also used a Ph adjuster, taken away chew toys to keep his mouth area dry. A breeder suggested we try your PetsBestRx products and boy did they work FAST! I wish that I would have known about this wonderful product sooner! I truly recommend this product to anyone who has a pet that has any type of bacterial infection.

– Sally W, NY

“The redness almost all went away and within 3 days it was completely gone.”

My yorkie developed a staph infection between its little toes. Nothing I tried worked and it kept getting worse; it was spreading up its leg. After 4 trips to the vet and lots of penicillin, I found your products. What a difference after just 24 hours. The redness almost all went away and within 3 days it was completely gone. Since then, I’ve purchased some of your other products from your web site and they have all been great. Thanks!

– Frank T, OK

“Wow!…Blazer was completely free of his staph infection in 5 days.”

I saw two vets; one who specializes in dermatology. We live in rural South Carolina and as far as I know, there aren’t many vets who specialize in dermatology or staph. We (vet and I) think the staph infection occurred because Blazer stepped on glass and cut the padding off his paw. Nothing seemed to work for him and finally after 3 weeks I found your web site. Wow! What a difference in the infection. Blazer was completely free of his staph infection in 5 days. This product is great!

– Billy V, TX

“Saxy is free of his staph infection after just 3 days… the BEST!”

After spending over $1000.00 with oral meds, Vet bills and anything I could find, I found your web site. I ordered your products overnight and immediately started using them. Saxy is free of his staph infection after just 3 days. PetsBestRx is really the BEST!

– Gayle F, MS

“I am very impressed with your company… customer service…shipping…and most of all…Your Products”

I am a pug breeder and found your web site last year when I was hunting for something to treat mange mites. Because your products worked so well for the mange mites, I decided to try the products for staph infections. My pugs staph was gone after just 3 days. I am very impressed with your company, your customer service, your quick shipping and most of all…. Your products. All breeders should know about your products.

– Kenneth F, CA

“My lab was healed within 5 days. Every pet owner should know about your products!”

My yellow lab developed a staph infection under his belly next to his private areas; which I considered it to be a severe case. Within days it had covered almost ¾ of his underside and it was bad. He kept licking it and I could tell he was in pain. My next door neighbor was a breeder and suggested I try one of her products from PetsBestRx. The following day I phoned you guys and boy was I impressed with the customer service and your knowledge base of your products. My lab was healed within 5 days. Every pet owner should know about you products!

– Joe S

“After 24 hours the infection looked remarkably better and by the 4th day it was over!”

My cat had a really bad staph infection on its back and it kept getting worse and worse. After 3 trips to the vet and $500.00 later, I decided to find something on the internet. I found your web site and I have to admit, I was skeptical. After 24 hrs the infection looked remarkably better and by the 4 th day it was over! You have a great product and I recommend this to anyone.

– Mary Beth S, PN

The testimonials above have been unique for each person and are not meant as a substitute for the advice provided by your own physician. Although information and statements regarding our products are true for each person, you should not use this information to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any disease, or prescribe any medication.

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