Pet Staph is Contagious

Pet Staph is Contagious

Is my dog contagious to me or other pets?

No, not normally. All dogs, cats, and people have Staph living on the skin as a normal resident. However, if a person or a pet has an open sore and they came in contact with a pet or a person who had a staph infection, then yes the staph could be contagious.

We finished treatment for Staph dermatitis two weeks ago, and now the Staph infection is back. Why is that? This situation may be caused by an allergy to the Staph bacteria. This is called Staph hypersensitivity or Staph allergy. The skin lesions that are caused by this disease are identical to those of a Staph dermatitis. The difference is recurrence. If Staph dermatitis is treated properly, the underlying cause is eliminated and itching is stopped, the bacterial skin disease should be eliminated. This situation may return if itching returns. However, when the dog with Staph hypersensitivity is treated, the skin lesions will return within a few days or weeks.

We offer safe, effective and non-toxic solutions to treat Staph Infection and get your pet’s health back to full capacity.

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Pet Staph is Contagious
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