My dog has a yeast infection in his ears and above his tail?

I recently took my male cocker to be neutered through our neighborhood neuter scooter.When I took him there they told me that he has a yeast infection in his ear and in the crease of his bottom and tail area, they suggested I take him to our vet to get meds.I took him to the vet today and they wanted to charge me $400.They said he does have an ear infection and a skin infection but they want to do tests to see what kind of infection it is.The medication alone they wanted to give me was $200.Im a single mom, I cant even afford doctor bills like that for my kids!!They did say that I could order the meds from pet meds, but the ear ointment they prescribed I cant buy on there, its called remicin.Are there any home remedies that are good for this?I already had 1 vet say that this was a yeast infection and I really felt like I was getting ripped off today with this other vet.
I did just order the same meds the doctor perscribed for less than $100 from 1-800-petmeds. That was a relief!! To the nice woman that made the comment about me not being able to afford medical care for my dog….previously I would have been able to afford it with no problem…but recently I was laid off work and times have gotten very hard, I dont want to give my family member away because times are hard, I wouldnt give my kid away. Thank you for being so sensitive!!

Clean the dog’s ears with a mixture of three parts white vinegar to one part witch hazel.Put several drops into the ears,massage,clean with gauze and then wipe dry.Let air dry for at least an hour,and then put a little Monistat 7 cream in the ears.Do this every day for 10 days,and also feed plain yogurt everyday.For the tail and rear,wash with Selsun Blue shampoo ; let it sit for 10 minutes,then rinse well.Dry and apply the Monistat twice a day.This is safe,I promise,and if it is yeast,then it should work.Keep your dogs ears up on his head if you can,so air can get to them.Use a large tube sock,cut in half,to slip over his head and keep the ear canals open to the air.Also,make sure that the dog’s ear canals are free of excess hair,and clean them at least twice a week with an otic solution,to prevent any more infections.

You can also use athlete’s foot spray,cream,or powder with Miconazole or Chlortrimazole.