Little patch of crusty skin?

My puppy has had a little patch of skin on the inside tip of one of his ears that has been crusty ever since we got him 3 months ago.

When we took him to the vet a few months back, we asked about it & they told us it’s just "dry skin" & not any type of infection or mites.

It’s only on his right ear and he never itches it (so it’s not really bothering him much). But, I want to get it better. What home remedies, or stuff can I get at a pet store can I use to clear up this flakey/crusty patch ?
I;ve read in other posts people say to put either vaseline or vitamin E oil on it to alleviate the dry skin and soften the crusties. Does that really work & would either of those hurt my pup?

The crusts need to be softened or loosened before applying either Vit E oil or even a thin film of bacitracin ointment. Try using hydrogen peroxide to the area, once it stops bubbling, then clean the area with soap 7 water. Hydrogen peroxide is an " oxidizing agent" and will help to clear away the crust but, it can also do this to healthy skin so, it is important to clean the area with soap and water afterwards. Pat dry before applying the Vit E oil or bacitracin. This will not harm your pup.
I hope that this helps.