How can I get rid of my pet dog’s red rash on her tummy?

Koda had just delivered a litter of 4 puppies almost 4 weeks ago. Because of the weather (we live in a tropical island in the Pacific), we brought mommy and pups into our home and keep them in the laundry room with newspaper pages spread out on the floor. Koda developed a red rash on her belly and around her breast about a week ago. The rash started out like little specs of tiny red dots but now the skin color where the rash are look dark and it almost appears to look like eczema. Some parts of her skin are cracked just like the sympton of eczema but not too badly. She doesn’t seem to be itching. I would like to apply a topical cream but I am afraid the cream will harm the puppies when they nurse from their mother. I should also tell you that the puppies do not have the rash. I am only guessing that her rash could be a result of the ink from the newspaper or a result from the change of food from Beneful to Pedigree. Does anyone have a safe remedy for mommy and puppies?

Most likely this rash could be caused from the mother nurse feeding her pups which can irritate the breasts and stomach from constant rub and sucking. I’m not sure what type of topiccal cream you could use on her, I know Bag Balm is a wonderful product but I’m not aware of the animal safety if it were ingested. Maybe applying it at night and putting her in some type of clothing that will prevent the pups from suckling at night? Anyway, good luck!