How can I get my cat to stop scratching herself raw?

I have 3 cats in my home and they have all had fleas but have had drops and 2 of them seem to be fine and have nothing bothering them but one of them (the smallest one) Keeps scratching her neck and chin area so much that she has scabs all over and sometimes bleeds. I have trimmed her back nails and resorted to sticking a sock with leg holes on her but nothing seems to help…. Any other home remedies? Its not really serious like i have seen b4. There are no bare skin spots but this must be uncomfortable for her and is unpleasant to feel when petting her.

Many cats develop a dermatitis allergy that persists long after fleas have been controlled. Your cat may need a specific med or shot to help with this, so please give your vet a ring and ask whether this might be something your cat needs. One of my cats had to have a steroid shot — not something you normally want to give a cat on a regular basis by any means, but it cleared up his dermatitis.

In the interim, you can soothe the skin with a little olive, avocado, or Vitamin E oil (the latter preferred as it is also healing as well as soothing). A cat that has developed an allergy will be affected by even one flea bite, so make sure your cat has a topical flea med to control them as best possible.

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