home remedy for cat’s itchy scabby rash?

It is due to excessive cratching and licking at excessive area- located on belly and top of her back end near tail. Is there something to be added to food- or a pet lotion? Her skin is dryer than usual.

Looking for some kind of home style remedy ….on the cheap. Vet visit at this time is not an option for me.

You could pour some olive oil, or even oily Caesar salad dressing over her food (my cat’s LOVE Caesar salads). It will help with dry skin. A raw egg a day is also good for the cat, if they will eat it. A saline bath in Epsom salt is soothing for the itch.
I am concerned about the underlying reason for the scratching. It could be nerves, or an allergy, or ringworm. Ringworm doesn’t always look like a circle. You can use any over the counter anti-fungal creme at the drugstore and it will help, if its ringworm. It’s all the same ingredient, myo-something. Get one that has no other ingredients, except the method of delivery, ie cream. If is allergies, you can use children’s benadryl, but use a small dose based on the cat’s weight, as directed by the benadryl package. For nerves, you can give a cat St. John’s Wort, or Valerium. Use tuna or canned food and empty the capsules into the food and stir.
Don’t use calamine lotion. Use pure lanolin, or glycerin for a lotion, or a combination of these two. Try the health food store and use natural, edible products. REAL mayonaisse is good in the food and on the sores, but the cat will probably just lick more, and you don’t want that. .