What Can I Do About My Dog’s Itchy Skin?

Problem on Dog’s Itchy Skin

Breeding - itchy skin My golden has very itchy skin again and I am at a loss on what to do.
About 2 years she got badly constipated and it was caused from the dry dog food. I took her to the vet and they said to put pumpkin in her diet. She was REALLY fat at the time too, so adding the pumpkin and some canned food to the dry food really helped (she dropped 35 lbs and looks GREAT now). I also put a supplement (Dinovite) in with it also along with a HIGH quality salmon oil and all of those problems have been gone until recently when her itchy skin came back. Now, just like before, when you pet her she just keeps on scratching. What can i do for my dogs itchy skin? What can we do for dogs itching? Also my dogs skin has open sores and she scratches all the time. My dog is itchy what do i do? What to do about my dogs itchy skin ? Any idea on what treatment for itchy skin? Why does my dogs skin smell and she scratches a lot? Having itchy skin is a big problem.

I have her back on the diet that originally dropped all the weight and took care of the dry itchy skin and my question for any of you out there in cyber land is- What can I do for her now?

What  can I do with itchy skin? What is puppy staph oil?
I do not use any commercial foods for any of my 5 dogs. Here is what they get the itchy skin.

itchy skinDry- Natures Recipe “Fish and Potatoe”- no soy, corn, gluten, etc.
Canned- Brandon Farms Organics “Chicken and vegitables”. nothing in it but chicken and veggies (all organic). I am affraid to use the Blue Buffalo because when I had my Siberian on it, his system just would not accept it. not even after 6 months. It is an excellent food choice though if your dog can get use to it.

For my proplem Golden, she is the only one that gets any salmon oil and Dinovite supplementation.

I have not found a pet shampoo that works for her either. I have been through them all. I have to use my Garnier Fructice 2-n-1 shampoo for her and it has no effect on her. Bath time is about once every two months or when she finds a fresh cat pile to roll in. LOL

As for the pills, I do not take any what so ever and believe that a good diet for itchy skin can fix any ailment and the same will always go for my best friends also. What are the reasons for having itchy skin?

itchy skin Reasons For Having Itchy Skin

Do you know the reason she has itchy skin?
There are many causes of allergies in dogs- and the most common problem is contact allergies.
The dog food for problem skin is apparently great- my dog is on it, and his coat is shiny, he loves the food- but he still has allergies or itchy skin.
He is on medication to help control his itching or itchy skin, which will hopefully go away when the grass he is allergic to stops flowering.
Why are pills not an option for itchy skin? Sometimes they are the only things that work for his itchy skin.
You really need to take your dog to the vet, and if you want to leave pills out of the equasion, you are going to have to go to a specialist to find out exactly what your dog is allergic to.
From here, you will have a much better chance at eliminating her itching, without the use of medication.
Have you ruled out other causes of itchy skin? like fleas and mange?
Your vet should also be able to help you out with itchy skin. My dog is itching what do i do? What do you use on a dog who got very dry skin ?A question that really needs answer. Choose the best product for itchy skin now! I recommend the product below.

Best Product For Dog’s Itchy Skin Treatment

itchy skinMedicated Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin

Our PetsBestRx Medicated Dog Shampoo works great for dry itchy skin, brings immediate relief and removes all soap buildup on the skin that contains odor causing bacteria.  Our PetsBestRx Medicated Dog Shampoo goes a long way because you save money!  A little goes a long way.