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Problem On Dog Skin Allergies

skin problems in dogs - skin allergiesWhat do skin allergies look like on a dog?My dog has horrible allergies how do i treat them? My dog has developed bad skin allergies. I know really the dog has bad skin allergies. I had him on Natural Choice Lamb and Rice. I’ve had every dog I’ve owned for the past 13 years on this food and have never had an issue on skin allergies. He isn’t over or underbathed. I add Brewers Yeast to his diet. Took him to vet because of skin allergies, vet gave him cortisone (which anytime I’ve ever had a pet with skin allergies issues regardless of the vet they seem to think steroids are the cure all) it helped but skin allergies issues came back. So the vet told me to change his food. I’ve changed it three times now to what the vet has suggested. My dog still has skin allergies problems and the vet still wants to do the cortisone shots. Should I start cooking for my dog because of his skin allergies? Don’t tell me to find another vet I’ve already gone thru 7 in my town and they all seem to be stuck on cortisone and changing his food for skin allergies. I don’t want my dog injected monthly with steroids. Should I just start cooking a basic chicken/rice/veggie diet for him and add whatever supplements he needs myself? He is perfectly healthy in ever other respect. I just want honest answers and input. For those that want to answer with dogs eating human food isn’t good for them, spare me. If its good enough for me to eat for my entire life and our food goes thru much stricter processing rules its good enough for my dogs. Any info anyone has that feeds their dogs from food they make would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah its not fleas and its definitely not his bedding. He sleeps in bed with us and I use all natural detergents. The tea tree oil is something I may try. I’ve had others recommend it but haven’t tried it yet. Any Dog has bad skin allergies treatment tips? And another thing, any idea about bull mastiff flaky skin? What are some recipes for dogs with skin allergies?

skin allergiesDog Skin Allergies Treatment Tips

If the dog horrible skin allergies steroids not working follow this steps. You don’t say what breed your dog is. However, as I see it you have two options: 1. Purchase the recipe book written by W D Cusick for your breed of dog and use the recipe best suited to the stage of life he is at and for the skin allergies problem.

I have used his recipes for years for a couple of my dogs with skin allergies and digestive problems. They are extremely good for skin allergies, even if they do take some time in preparation and cooking.
2. The other option is a balanced raw diet. Meat & veg. Also very good.

Best Product For Dog Skin Allergies Treatment

hot spots - skin allergiesMedicated Dog Shampoo For Skin Allergies!

Medicated Dog Shampoo is without a doubt your scientific antimicrobial centerpiece for many pet and large animal skin conditions ranging from minor to serious irritations like skin allergies.

The Medicated Dog Shampoo was uniquely formulated containing the emollients and conditioners necessary to heal and soften your pet’s skin damaged by bacterial infections, rashes, insect bites, parasites, Ringworm, Dermatitis, Alopecia, Staph Infections, scrapes and scratches and even serious wounds. No mess, no fuss.

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