Skin Problems In Dogs – Is Raw Diet Good?

skin problems in dogsSkin Problems in Dogs – Is Raw Diet Good?

I have a 5 yr old Boxer who has skin problems in dogs (hot spots, bumps, rashes, etc) I currently feed him Calf. Natural dry food and was thinking of switching to a raw food diet for skin problems in dogs. I know it’s more money, but will it help with his skin probs? I have been to a pet allergist already and they seem to think it’s an allergy to chicken, but who knows. Is it a skin rash from raw deer meat? How to treat skin problems in dogs?What kind of food is good for dogs with skin problems?

-You may be surprised at the money side – I find raw feeding (1 dog, 3 cats) much cheaper than commercial food.

– Many people change to raw because of skin and/or digestive issues with great results on skin problems in dogs.
-The last thing your poor dog needs is more ingredients that it cannot digest properly and put more pressure on his immune system.

skin problems in dogsAbout Skin Problems in Dogs

Skin problems in dogs are probably the owners of the most important disorders of the dog must be treated. Skin problems in dogs are indicated by itching, rash or very dry skin and hair loss. Can be caused by parasites, allergies, bacterial and fungal infections. The skin can have long-term skin problems in dogs requiring persistent treatments by dog owners. Skin Problems in dogs should be treated.

A list of the common skin problems in dogs that veterinarians see on a daily basis.

Many think that only proper grooming is required for this look but they are so wrong. The way to get a beautiful coat is to maintain a healthy animal with skin in excellent health or without skin problems in dogs.

skin problems in dogsThe skin is the largest single organ of the body. Its function is to protect the internal organs and muscular tissues from bacterial invasion; it provides a means to control body temperature during changes in the environment and helps to prevent dehydration. It also provides an area full of nerve endings that transmit tactile feelings to the brain. If a dog reaches up to sniff a hot BBQ pit, it is these nerve endings that will make him realize that hot hurts and to leave it alone. Skin problems in dogs is a serious condition.

When the skin is healthy, it is smooth and supple while being free of flakes, irritation, parasites, sores, lumps or hair loss. Common signs of possible skin problems in dogs are intense itching, scabs or actual bleeding, swelling, redness and inflammation, foul smelling discharges, dandruff, patches or overall hair loss, discoloration and lumps. What are some skin problems in dogs?

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