What could cause a sudden hair loss in a neuterd male cat aged 6 years old ?

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Dear all cat experts at Yahoo!Answers : One of my cats had a vaccination against rabbies (5weeks ago) and then a blood test (a few days ago). (To be able to travel within the EU with the pet passport for holidays.)

A couple of days after the blood, test a bald patch appeared on the right size of his neck, under the jaw line. I thought it might be where the veterinary took the sample.

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But know the dime sized bald patch has increased to an area 2 inches in diameter. It is not red, does not look infected.

The cat doesn’t scratch it, eats, sleeps and plays normally.

I’ve removed his collar when I noticed the patch but I’m positive it wasn’t there 2 days ago.

I’m worried and i’m taking him back to the vet today. Any views advice helpful too. Thanks.

Causes of Cat Hair Loss

There are so many incidences of sudden bald spots appearing in otherwise healthy well cared for cats these days that some homeopathic vets suspect that these are cuased by the overwhelming of a cat’s system with chemicals and toxins. In other words, we over-medicate our feline friends: flea medications and vaccine shots. Then we take them home to a house we clean with all sorts of powerful household detergents… you follow my drift. Sometimes I think this is true. But this is not helping you right now. Since the bald spot on your cat is in the neck region and seems to be growing, are you certain that it is not ringworm? When you go back to the vet, have a skin scraping done to rule out mites or heaven forbid – mange. It may also be the case that your cat has suddenly developed an allergic reaction to hs collar due to his immune system being temporarily depressed becuase of the recent rabies shot and the stress of the Vet visit.

Oh… my cat has a tiny tiny bald spot on his left snout from what I suspect was a bee sting from years and years ago. Hair never grew back on that spot which is about the size of a mung bean. Its so small that it does not detract from his general handsomeness. Cat Hair Loss Information. 🙂