Bichon Frise Hair Loss??

So, I am currently “fostering” a Bichon, that a lady surrendered at my work today. He is three years old, and is missing hair in a 2 inch patch on his hind leg. We assumed he was chewing on it, but why no other legs. He is healthy and has no fleas. I am planning on taking him to the vet this week, but am scheduling around work. Anyone have this problem? Or maybe some suggestions? I am putting some ointment for dogs, that I got from the pet store.
It is a little bit pink and all around it the hair is totally fine. I do not think it is a hot spot, and he is only three yrs. if that helps.

Have the vet check before you do anything else. If there is no health problem look into a quality diet first. If he was chewing the hair around the bald spot would be a reddish brown color where the saliva was on it. Perhaps it got pulled put for some reason. The vet is where you should begin.

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