Pet Ringworm Articles

Pet Ringworm Articles

Welcome to the Pets’BestRx™ article repository for Pet Ringworm. Below you will find a link to each of our free, informative articles, categorized by affliction.

Learn the symptoms of Ringworm and learn how to get rid of them fast!

Repeated Cleaning of the Environment using Benzalchonium Chloride will eliminate this fungus from your pet as well as the environment. Benzalchonium Chloride has proven to be highly effective against 99.99% of the ringworm spores and this ingredient is commonly used in hospitals.  Thorough and repeated vacuuming and scrubbing of surfaces on a daily basis is necessary to prevent contamination of the home. Note that PetsBestRxTM offers this type of disinfectants effective against 99.999% ringworm.

Pet beds and blankets should be washed daily in hot water and bleach (1:10 dilution). Clean heating ducts and vents and install filters where possible. In humid areas, consider installation of a portable dehumidifier as well as a fan in the window to draw air out of the room. Dust with an electrostatic disposable dust trapping cloth.

Remember your clothes can transport the spores out of the room. Based on independent scientific studies, chlorhexidine and Virkon® S [Antec International] are not recommended as fungicidal disinfectants. Benzalkonium Chloride is highly effective.

PetsBestRxTM offers two types of disinfectants; one that is ready to use and one that is a concentrate.  The concentrate allows you to mix your formula to your specific needs.

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Pet Ringworm Articles
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