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Mrs. Rodger’s Ear Mite Relief

My name is Demetria and I would like to share the experience I had with one of our customers. Mrs. Rodger’s is treating both her cat and dog for an ear mite infestation and have been for the past six months with vets medications which sadly did not work. Mrs. Rodger’s purchased our products and within a week of usage she has seen a noticeable change with her pet’s symptoms. They were constantly itching and scratching at their ears and face which caused open soars and they also had an awful smell coming out of the ears.

With all those symptoms, I suggested for Mrs. Rodger’s to purchase our Ear Mite Super Size Pack which includes a 8oz of the Mitactin spray to kill the mites in the ears and body if needed and it included a 8oz bottle of the Healing and Protection Spray for killing bacteria infection  and healing open soar. The pack also include a 32oz De-Stroy Eco Dust Powder, which can be used on the dog’s coat, the carpet and pets bedding to kill the mites. I also suggested the Disinfectant Spray for the areas she chose to get rid of the earmites daily such as the couch, chairs, upholstery and hard surfaces as a contact killer for the mites. I also suggest that Mrs Rodgers try our Mighty Vite’s to boost her pets immune system but she already had some of her own. I also suggested she separate the pets to avoid re-infestation and that she also disinfectant their bedding daily. After completing the order, I request a call back from Mrs. Rodgers five days after she began treatment for update. She also was advised that she could call before that if needed to.

Mrs Rodgers was so excited that she could not wait five days to call me. She called me within three days after she began the treatment to advised me of the improvement she noticed. Mrs Rodger’s advised me both Queen (cat) and King (dog) are doing much better the smell is gone from both of them and they are not scratching as much as before the use of the products. They are more active and are eating better and just look 100% better. She thanked me for my patience and knowledge about the products.

Helping customer like Mrs. Rodger’s and there extended family makes this profession most fulfilling. It makes me feel GREAT knowing that I made a difference.

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We now carry Pet Supplies

Over the years PetsBestRx has helped hundreds of thousands of pet owners around the globe return their dogs, cats and many other creatures to health and keep them in tip-top shape. We are now proud to announce that we have added nearly 1,000 products to our already expansive selection of pet products. We now carry all your pets needs from puppy pads to chew toys and even pet stairs for the little balls of fur in our homes that need that extra boost to curl up to you at night.

With over 1,000 items to fulfill your pet’s needs, PestBestRx is truly your one-stop shop for pet supplies to pamper your puppy and cater to your cat.

We have taken into consideration, we feel, every aspect of the pet care world. We offer Pet Bedding, Pet Bowls & Feeding Apparatus, Pet Clean-Up Products, Pet Collars & Harnesses, Pet Doors, Cages, Kennels & Pens, Pet Grooming, Pet Leashes, Cables, & Stakes, Pet Meds, Pet Toys, Pet Training, Pet Treats and even Extra Pet Accessories for the fashionable pet of today.

Learn more about our new wide-array of pet supplies. Saves Pet Owners Even More Money and Time

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) April 26, 2006, a rapidly growing veterinary and pet medication supply company offers low everyday prices and direct-to-door shipping on brand name products for dogs, cats, horses, and fish. sells to both consumers and businesses that include groomers, trainers, breeders, humane societies, rescue groups, pharmacies, and other veterinary businesses.

VetDepot has just added approximately 200 new pet medication and pet supply products to help save its customers even more money over a broader range of products and brands. In addition, it has streamlined its state-of-the-art safe shopping cart and now VetDepot customers can buy their products and checkout in two simple steps. VetDepot is leading the industry in providing a safe and easy shopping environment. is dedicated to saving its customers time and providing the best and most popular pet products at the best prices. carries a full range of pet medications targeting flea and tick control, joint health, and itching relief.’s popularity and growth continue to be driven by its deep discount pricing and the convenience and safety of its fast home delivery, typically in two to three days.

According to the APPMA, total pet industry sales have more than doubled since 1994 to an estimated $ 38.4 billion in 2006. There are currently over 165 million dogs and cats in the U.S. 63% of the homes in the U.S. own at least one dog or cat. In addition, over 4 million households own one or more horses and there are an estimated 150 million aquarium fish domestically. Purchases of pet supplies, pet medications and veterinary supplies and services are expected to be $ 18.7 billion this year. estimates that its targeted market segment represents approximately $ 7 to 8 billion of that.

People love their pets more than ever and the benefits to pet owners are significant. These benefits are widely recognized and include lower blood pressure, reduced stress, and lower rates of heart disease and depression. As a result of all of these and other benefits, pet owners also have few doctor visits and have lower health care costs than non-pet owners. ( offers pet medications and veterinary supplies at substantial discounts directly to consumers and wholesale accounts such as groomers, trainers, breeders, pharmacies, small retailers, and other veterinary related businesses.’s rapid growth is being driven by its low everyday prices and the ease and speed of its delivery direct to its customers’ door. cares about its customers and their pets and it shows.

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