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Mrs. Rodger’s Ear Mite Relief

My name is Demetria and I would like to share the experience I had with one of our customers. Mrs. Rodger’s is treating both her cat and dog for an ear mite infestation and have been for the past six months with vets medications which sadly did not work. Mrs. Rodger’s purchased our products and within a week of usage she has seen a noticeable change with her pet’s symptoms. They were constantly itching and scratching at their ears and face which caused open soars and they also had an awful smell coming out of the ears.

With all those symptoms, I suggested for Mrs. Rodger’s to purchase our Ear Mite Super Size Pack which includes a 8oz of the Mitactin spray to kill the mites in the ears and body if needed and it included a 8oz bottle of the Healing and Protection Spray for killing bacteria infection  and healing open soar. The pack also include a 32oz De-Stroy Eco Dust Powder, which can be used on the dog’s coat, the carpet and pets bedding to kill the mites. I also suggested the Disinfectant Spray for the areas she chose to get rid of the earmites daily such as the couch, chairs, upholstery and hard surfaces as a contact killer for the mites. I also suggest that Mrs Rodgers try our Mighty Vite’s to boost her pets immune system but she already had some of her own. I also suggested she separate the pets to avoid re-infestation and that she also disinfectant their bedding daily. After completing the order, I request a call back from Mrs. Rodgers five days after she began treatment for update. She also was advised that she could call before that if needed to.

Mrs Rodgers was so excited that she could not wait five days to call me. She called me within three days after she began the treatment to advised me of the improvement she noticed. Mrs Rodger’s advised me both Queen (cat) and King (dog) are doing much better the smell is gone from both of them and they are not scratching as much as before the use of the products. They are more active and are eating better and just look 100% better. She thanked me for my patience and knowledge about the products.

Helping customer like Mrs. Rodger’s and there extended family makes this profession most fulfilling. It makes me feel GREAT knowing that I made a difference.

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Mange Treatment Revealed

Mange is really a widespread skin ailment that may trigger substantial problems in your dog or cat and mange treatment can be constantly necessary.

Sarcoptic mange is a extremely transmittable type of mange, commonly referred to as scabies. Caused by the Sarcoptes Scabiei Canis mite, sarcoptic mange could spread rapidly between contaminated creatures. The warning signs of sarcoptic mange contain baldness, intense itching/scratching, and sometimes the end of the ear will likely be crusted over.

Each time a dog has been diagnosed with sarcoptic mange, in many instances they’ll obtain per week shots of Ivermetcin for as much as a month. Depending on their breed, not all dogs might be given Ivermetcin and may possibly have to be dipped in an insecticide. Ivermetcin and insecticide dips may possibly address the root of the issue, and ointments might be used to treat the sores on the skin. Cortisone assists a lot to quit itching. Additionally, each animal that has been subjected to sarcoptic mange should be treated, even though they do not seem to be ill.

The most typical type of mange in dogs is demodectic, or Red Mange. Which affects younger animals, generally puppies, demodectic mange is caused by the Demodex canis mite. Red mange just isn’t infectious among canines, puppies obtain the mite from their mothers.

Demodectic mange could be diagnosed if the young dog has one or a number of hairless parts on their body. Treatment may be wanted to improve the pace of healing. Typically, an insecticide dip will probably be given to help get rid of the mites.

Even though all varieties of mange are results of a mite infestation, they’re also the result of poor nutrition or a fragile immune system. Most dog foods, regardless of price are cooked at high temperatures for mange treatment. Consequently, the omega fatty acids as well as nutrients that were when within the food aren’t active. The usage of supplements, specially those containing omega fatty acids support to fortify the animal’s immune program and defend against mite infestations.

Mange Immunity Booster

Mange is a very serious topic to talk about. The majority of our calls are from pet owners about mange. When I hear pet owners talk about mange, it makes my heart go out to them. As we know, our pets are a part of our family and our best friend. So when our pets get sick, you can feel their pain as if they were your child. They are part of our family.

If your pet has Mange,their immune system is usually very low and they may have to fight other illnesses such as staph infections while also dealing with a mange mite infestation, so we have a product that helps to give your pet strength and can be used for cats and dogs, it is called PetsBestRx Immune Vitamins. It is better known as a defense immune booster vitamin against sickness. We take pride when our pets are out going and active and very healthy. When taking these Immune boosting vitimins, you can rest assured that the pet is on the way to recovery. I tell all of my customers about mighty vites and Pet Vitamins especially when their pet has mange. Just to let you know the mighty vites is not just for mange it is used for any type of sickness or as a daily supplement to build the immune system or regain the luster in your pet’s coat. Our products are safe and  has natural.  One common cause of a lowered immune system in dogs or cats is stress.  Unlike people they can’t tell us what they are feeling.  This product can also help with toenail growth and with the bones tissue and other things.  I like this product because your dog can be less than 20 pounds and still use this product.  It also has different vitamins in it that can help with growth.

We all want our pets to be healthy and grow old. Besides our Immune vitamins, we do have other products that work for mange or on other types of sicknesses or diseases. Especially our pet wash Medicated Dog Shampoo, it can be used if the pet has a smell or just to heal sores.  Watch and see how your dog would love the petwash. Even though they can’t talk, they respond to the pet wash very well as it contains bezalkonium chloride, an effective active for bacteria and fungus. Veterinarians, Professional Groomers,and Rescue shelters all over the country use our products for treatment, mainly we love to educate people and help with trouble shooting tips. We ask that you give our products an honest try and within seven days of receiving the products give us a call so we can see how the pet is responding to the products.

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