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Dog Strollers can Enhance Pet-Owner Relationship

Effects of Dog Strollers

Dog Strollers Many who opt to not have children, or whose kids have already left the house, now include one or more canines as family members. This trend has increased the number of items on the market to extend the amount of time your pup can spend with you, and add to the places you can take your beloved canine. Durable and well-designed dog strollers are one of these devices that help you spend more quality time or add to adventures with your pooch.

The Help of Dog Strollers

A dog stroller allows you to take a young puppy or an older canine that would tire quickly for a full day outside. Pet buggies can provide a more enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. It may help them to relax and stop nasty habits like biting, barking and chewing. Young puppies should not be subjected to long jaunts on hard surfaces until they are over six months old. Their growing bodies are more prone to injuries as that get older if they are taken on long runs or encouraged to jump repetitively at a too young age. However, you need to get nosey and energized pups more exercise or mental stimulation in order to keep them out of trouble and tire them out. This can also be true for older dogs and those recovering from surgery or an injury. By taking your new puppy or older pooch out for shorter walks, broken up by breaks riding in a stroller, you will both be able to find enjoyment and appropriate amounts of activity.

It is entirely possible to purchase a pet stroller without spending a fortune. Prices vary with the lower end being very simple models. Mid-range buggies have a variety of desirable features, or if you prefer all the bells and whistles for your pampered pup, expect to spend quite a bit more. There are a multitude of dog strollers on the market. They can be purchased locally at your pet shop or big box retailer where you can try them out. Or, you can shop for every model and option out there on the internet. A popular auction site lists nearly 900 available dog strollers.

The design and construction of a dog stroller varies. Stroller capacity ranges from 15 to 150 pounds. Some have built-in shock absorbers and airless tires to accommodate off-road and rugged terrain. Others are designed similar to jog strollers often used for infants. There are also bike attachment options, and three or four-in-one types that allow you to go from using it as a crate, pet carrier, car seat and stroller. If you have more than one dog, double-deck options that place one dog above the other, each in their own compartment are available. Most have padded areas and leash clips to help your pup ride in comfort and stay securely inside. Another option is whether you want your dog completely contained behind strong mesh webbing, or the option of opening up the top to allow sun or petting access. Consider whether you will be using it in rain or snow. If so, select models that are waterproof or wind resistant.

Some nice, but not absolutely necessary, features to think about are fashion colors to match your clothing or that visibly describe your dog to those passing by. Cup holders for your coffee or sports drink, as well as cargo decks or pouches to carry treats, jackets and bowls are also useful. Options to seriously consider include those that make your adventure safer. Think about adding flashing led lights, or reflective tape to make you more visible at night.

Dog Strollers Facts

Some dogs, especially smaller ones, will enjoy the ride immediately. Larger or more active breeds may need a bit of training or coaxing. Using a pet buggy should be a positive and fun experience for your pet. Always encourage use through verbal praise and reward, rather than negative scolding or yelling. You want your pup to get excited every time you set the stroller near the door. By starting with short walks the first few times, followed by offering a treat or favorite toy, your pup will be happily hopping in his buggy in no time.

Dog strollers are nice, but remember your pup still needs to be taken on regular walks or spend time in off-leash play areas. A stroller allows your pooch to stay outside longer and spend more time with you on a variety of outings. It also is a wonderful benefit for young puppies as well as senior dogs with arthritis. However, regular exercise is still vital to maintaining proper canine health and fitness.

Q&A: What is the Holistic tx for “Mange” a cat has?


Cat Mange Problems

Question by Dr. Madelyn: What is the Holistic tx for “Mange” a cat has?
I have adapted a cat that my neighbor does not want. She is 10 years old and looks like her hair is coming out i globs. Anyone know what this is. She is a calico, multicolored cat I also am interested if anyone might know any remedies for Mange?? Thanks, Madelyn

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Cat Mange Issue

Answer by ohxgoodnessxme
yep, that’s mange. it’s just a folicular disease. the only thing you can do is take her to the vet, get medicine, and she’ll be all better. i’m sure there is herbal or do-it-yourself remedies, but in my experience, the vet works the best.

Pets’BestRx Mange Buster Pack for Cats

The Mange Buster Pack for Cats offers potent antimicrobial, environmental cleaning action, in addition to deep-penetrating, pet skin care products to combat the Mange-affected skin. This pack is exactly what is needed to treat cats large and small with Mange effectively.

Indian Head Animal Hospital announces the availability of canine influenza (flu Dog) and the vaccine

Indian Head Animal Hospital announces the availability of canine influenza (flu Dog) and the vaccine

Fort Washington, MD (Vocus) September 2, 2009

H3N8 of canine influenza is an emerging, highly contagious disease. Symptoms include cough, fever and loss of appetite. Canine influenza is usually mild but can be very severe in about 20% of dogs. A small number of dogs with the complications of influenza virus H3N8 found dead. The virus is spread by direct contact, air and contaminated surfaces. This virus only affects dogs and has no effect on people. Due to the recent outbreak in Northern Virginia, Indian Head Animal Hospital made the vaccine available to our customers.

If your pet advice in a kennel, groomer, day care or a dog park, attend dog shows or events, we recommend that your dog be vaccinated. If your dog is vaccinated against kennel cough, they should be the dogs of vaccines against influenza.

first vaccination requires two doses 2-4 weeks apart, followed by annual revaccination.

H3N8 influenza

Canine (Dog Flu)

What’s this?

H3N8 of canine influenza is a highly contagious respiratory disease in dogs caused by a specific type of influenza virus, unlike human influenza, it is not seasonal and can cause disease throughout the year . It was originally a horse virus that has spread to dogs (the first case in 2004). This is not a human influenza virus.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms are cough, runny nose and fever, a small proportion of dogs can develop serious illnesses such as pneumonia. 80% if the dogs have a mild form of the disease.

How it spread?

By direct contact with respiratory secretions of infected dogs by contact with contaminated objects and people between the infected and uninfected dogs. Infected dogs submit to the virus in their secretions for 7-10 days, during which the dog is contagious to other dogs. Therefore, dog owners whose dogs coughing or showing other signs of respiratory disease should not take part in activities or bring their dogs to facilities where other dogs to be exposed to the virus for 14 days. Clothing, equipment, surfaces and hands should be cleaned and disinfected after exposure to dogs showing signs of respiratory disease.

Who is vulnerable?
Dogs />

risk to humans?

To date, there is no evidence of transmission of canine influenza from dogs to humans.

Is there a test for them?

The test is available in two blood samples (the first collected collected while the animal is ill and the second 3 weeks later) at a price of $ 50 for each sample at Cornell University.

How is it treated


Great part of supportive care. This allows the dog an immune response. This medicine may also take the comfort of your dog and more fluid to ensure hydration. Antibiotics should only be used if a secondary bacterial pneumonia is suspected.

Is there a vaccine?

A conditional license for the vaccine began in May, when the 2009th Although the vaccine (killed) can not prevent infection, severity and duration of clinical disease is reduced. Dogs who could benefit from this vaccine are dogs that are already vaccinated for Bordetella kennel cough.

Due to the recent outbreak in Northern Virginia, Indian Head Animal Hospital has made the vaccine available to our customers. The vaccine is administered by injection and requires two doses at 2-4 week intervals an annual booster.


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