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Preventing Cat Ear Mites

The same kind of ear mite that affects dogs is the one that also affects cats. The treatment for ear mites cats get is similar to that for dogs as well. If you notice that cat is scratching around his ears a good bit more than usual, then it may be time for ear mite treatment.

Ear mites can cause a lot of damage just by causing an animal to scratch relentlessly near and in the ear area. The itching associated with ear mites can be maddening because your pet can not reach the actual spot that is causing the problem.

Many pets have gotten into trouble with infection due to the digging they are doing when trying to scratch because of mite activity. This can cause hearing loss due to fluid build up and it can cause loss of the ear flap. Make sure that you get an Elizabethan collar for your pet to wear during the treatment of ear mites. It will save a lot in the future about having to also get antibiotics for the treatment of an infection as well.

There are many over the counter remedies for the treatment of the ear mites cats get. The best place to visit is a quality pet shop or the local fee and seed store. You will need to look for ingredients like pyrethrin or ivermectin for the best and most effective treatments. You can also check for natural treatments for those pets that are sensitive to chemicals.

How well the cats ear is cleaned before applying treatment for ear mites is going to mean a lot in how effective the medication is going to be. You should let your vet do this to make sure that you getting the best pathway made for the medication for ear mites to go through. Without the right kind of cleaning, the time and effort for treatment may be a loss.

If you have noticed black and hardened pieces coming from your cats ears, this is also due to an ear mite infestation. This is actually the waste left from the mites. It it unhealthy for your cat. Making sure to have this foreign substance cleaned from your cats ears is important.

The larvae from ear mites can spread to areas other than the ear. You should a total treatment with the same product you use for fleas and ticks. This is going to be the best way in preventing a re infestation of ear mites.