What can I do for arhtritis?

My Pug is only 4yrs old and she is really suffering bad from arthritis in her hind legs. What home remedies can I give her for the pain. I know acupuncture works but I cant find a practioner in my area that does pets. I really dont wanna put her down she is our little baby and I still has alot of life left but her arthritis is really dragging her down. I gave her calcium as a puppy but this does not seem to help any longer.Would it be ok to give her pain killers for her pain? Please Help.

Are you sure it’s arthritis. She could have knee or hip problems that may be surgically corrected. Small dogs with hip problems respond well to surgically removing the head of the femur, called an FHO. Have her examined by your vet and they will probably want to do some xrays. If it really is arthritis your vet may prescribe glucosamines and a NSAID like Rimadyl or Deramaxx. Glucosamines are very helpful and have few if any side effects. The Nsaids have more side effects. My 15 year old shepherd gets glucosamines every day and Deramaxx on her sore days.

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