Is Glucosamine, Chronroitin, MSM Safe for Rabbits who have arthritis?

Despite enough exercise and a life-long healthy diet, my senior mini lop rabbit has developed advanced arthritis, and is now unable to walk, sit, or easily move. He is getting Adequan injections twice weekly; plus daily messages and PT; however, so far no improvement. I am wondering if GC/MSM might help rebuild his joints; ease his discomfort; and provide him with more mobility. However, since Glucosamine is shell fish or bovine based; I am wondering if his digestive system can absorb it, or if it will it cause diarrhea and stomach upset. An effective GC/MSM formula combined with rabbit friendly vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory herbal compounds needs to be developed for rabbits. Rabbits are wonderful pets; and rabbits deserve equallly good care and treatment as any other sentinent, living beings. If anyone knows any effective natural, alt meds, homepathic, PT or other safe and effective treatments for arthritis in rabbits, please let me know.

I really think you need to take him to the vet and seek advice from them. They may have some other treatments that they can give him. My cat is on glucosamine for arthritis. I’ve looked at the container and whilst it mentions dogs, it doesn’t say anything about rabbits, so I would check with the vet.
Good luck.

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