Our 9 year old rat terrior has started with sore joints and shaking?

Pet’s Suffering from Sore Joints and Shaking

He is being treated for arthritis with a muscle relaxer and a pain med but his uncontrolable shaking continues. His personality is totally altered He goes for hours without laying down, just standing and looking at us shaking. We have had him to the vet twice within the past week for both the painful joints that made him yelp when petted and yesterday because for several days he has favored a left front leg. As I said his routine is WAY out of wack. His ears are back, and he has what seems to be uncontrollable shaking, that we thought was due to pain but now we are starting to be very concerned.

Our 9 year old rat terrior has started with sore joints and shaking?He is on small doses of methancarbonal a muscle relaxant and Tramadol a pain reliever. Has anyone experienced these symptoms in their pet

YES, my Rat Terrier, Odie, was about 8 years old when he started exhibiting the same behavior. Normally, he is jumping very high and bouncing all over the place like a circus dog (since you have a Rat Terrier, you will know exactly what I mean).

The Pain of Sore Joints and Shaking

One day he “squeaked” with pain when I picked him up. I called the vet and treated him with anti-inflamatory, thinking it was perhaps soreness of some sort, but he got worse within 2 days (I offered him a biscuit and he couldn’t jump off the sofa–just stood there shaking in pain) so I took him to the vet. The vet suspected disc problems, although the ex-ray didn’t show anythiang specific, so he sent me to a specialist. The specialist did a mylogram (sp??) test on him and found that he had a swollen disc that was infringing on his spine, causing him to be in severe pain.

We tried treating him with steroids, muscle relaxers and pain medication, but nothing worked.

There were only two optinos left: (1) surgery or (2) put him to sleep (no way we could leave him in that kind of pain). We really didn’t have the money at the time, but opted to put his surgery on the credit card, since we could not bear to have him put down.

Dealing with Sore Joints and Shaking

His surgery was almost 2 years ago, and he has recovered very nicely. He’s back to being a circus dog.

Since your current treatment is not working, I would recommend that you ask your vet to refer you to a surgeon so that you can have a mylogram done (since ex-rays don’t always show disc problems).

I believe your dog’s shaking is certainly due to pain. I hope it’s not a disc problem like Odie’s was, but I would at least check it out if I were you, if he doens’t get any better within the next 12 hours.

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