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stray cat with mange?what should i do?

a stray cat has been coming to my house, ive been feeding it because it was starving , i think it has mange, its fur is all messed up and its eyes are weird…i havent touched it but i have 2 cats of my own that go outside and they fight with it.what should i do?i dont want it to be put to sleep…is their a cure for mange?

although there are treatments for mange, you cannot be sure that it has mange until you take it in to a vet. Do your cats have their vaccinations up to date? have you recently had them checked out by your vet? when you say fighting, is it just some scratches or bite wounds as well? If this cat is a stray, call the local humane society to pick it up, if it is sick, it needs to be cared for, and if nobody is willing to care for it, it deserves a humane death instead of being hit by a car, chewed up by a dog or die of feline leukaemia or infectious peritonitis by itself under a bush or deck slowly. If you can trap it and get it looked after you may find that it is not a bad cat, just simply an unkempt one and it might learn to live with your cats. In the end, don’t trust it has ‘just mange’, it may carry any number of other diseases, that may not only be dangerous to your cats but perhaps to dogs or humans also, like rabies for example. I don’t like to see these cats be euthanized either, but it is better to have a humane death, than a miserable life and suffer for some irresponsible human’s actions. You never know, it might be tattooed or microchipped and then you can try to locate the owner. Good Luck to you and your cats with this situation.

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home remedy for sarcoptic mange on dogs?

extreme itching,flakey skin, loss of hair, build up of flakey skin skin red and sores due to scratching.

How did you know that it is Sarcoptic mange? Did you take the dog to a vet and have a skin scraping done?

Mange comes in three varieties: Demodectic, Cheyletiella and Sarcoptic. It is caused by different species of mites, tiny eight-legged critters related to spiders.

Sarcoptic mange, also known as scabies, is caused by a microscopic mite. The female mite causes the characteristic intense itching as they burrow under the skin to lay their eggs. The eggs hatch in a few days, develop into adults, and begin laying their own eggs in less than three weeks.

Dogs with scabies dig and bite at themselves with great ferocity. Their skin reacts with oozing sores, and secondary infection may set in, requiring treatment with an antibiotic in addition to treatment for the mites. Unfortunately, the sarcoptic mange mite can be difficult to find in skin scrapings, and unless the veterinarian parts the hair and carefully examines the bare skin for the characteristic pin-point bite marks, diagnosis is difficult. Furthermore, the presence of a secondary skin infection can hamper the search for the mite bite marks.

Telltale signs of sarcoptic mange are crusty ear tips, fierce itching, and hair loss, particularly on the ears, elbows, legs, and face in the early stages. Later on, the hair loss spreads throughout the body.

Sarcoptic mange is contagious to canines and humans. If the dogs share sleeping places or if the infected dog sleeps on beds or furniture, everyone will begin scratching. It is not unheard of for the family dog to infest the kids, the kids to infest their playmates, and the playmates to infest their pets and parents with scabies. Fortunately scabies in humans is self-limiting, that is the mite can burrow under the skin and cause itching, but cannot complete its life cycle on humans and dies within a few weeks.

Veterinarians now use Ivermectin in two doses, two weeks apart, to kill the mites. They may also prescribe steroids for short-term use to relieve the itching until the mites begin to die off and give the dog some relief. Itching usually begins to subside within a few days of the first dose of Ivermectin.

Canine skin damaged by sarcoptic mange and secondary skin infections can take weeks or months to recover, depending on the scope of the problems. Frequent medicated baths may be necessary to soothe irritated skin.

Mange damage can mimic that caused by other skin conditions, including autoimmune diseases, bacterial infections secondary to flea allergies, and contact dermatitis, making it impossible for the pet owner to diagnose with any success. If your dog suffers from irritated, itchy skin, make an appointment with the veterinarian. Early diagnosis of any of these problems will give you a head start on a cure and will be less uncomfortable for the dog and your wallet.

Please take your dog to the vet for the appropriate treatment.

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hey, my cat has mange bad, help?

hey my cat has a skin consition called mange, i really need help, we don’t have the money to take her to the vet so if you have any home remedys please tell me. I am using vasaline and it isn’t quite working. So if you have any tips about mange or how to cure it please comment back asap! She is also licking herself constantly but I figured that, that is from the vasaline. Whenever it seems that we cure it we find some more that popped up. please help…..

Do you know , from a Vet ………. it is really …mange ???
It sounds like … my cats , have …. toxin poisoning from the pet food , it is ……. milamine poison … plus other toxins in the pet food , there was a recall , on ….. 127 brands , & don’t be fooled , because , the pet food is still on the shelf in the store , it doesn’t mean , it wasn’t recalled , it means , the pet food Co.’s , don’t want to lose money . The cat will scratch , Her skin raw , losing , Her fur , small , crust , hard scales , around there neck & headthe Vet can’t cure them , only treat the cat, to stop the itching , they used to think , it was a lot of things , hot spots , allergy to food , they know , now , it is toxin from pet food. FIRST ……….stop all pet food , feed only salmon ….. on lable …….make sure it say’s ( wild catch ….& made in the U.S.A. )
SECOND ,,,,,,,,, your cat ……. needs medication, Steroids ,5 MG. & Atrax.. for the itch ……… because , She is miserable ,
you can feed Her ……. chicken livers , are cheap, chicken , hard boiled eggs , mashed up , Tuna fish ……….with …….. No soy… it , read your lables , I never used to , I do now , with 3 ill cats , one died this week , & we have to dogs , sick , but doing better , after the food change . Vasline , very lite on Her sore spots , & brush gentel , ( NO PAIN PILLS ,WILL KILL HER ) it is a hard , painful road , for your , Dear cat , but , I am still fighting to save the lives , of our animals , you can also buy ……..grown turkey , they have …….grown .”breast meat “, & the cheaper one , is grown turkey , just fry it up, cats have to have meat or fish , not a lot of fillers. I wish I could tell you a home cure , there is none , but , I want you to go to this sigh …….. it will show you all the recalled pet food , was 127 , there are links to go to , to fill you in……. there will be more recalls , as they test the food. there is a sight there , will help you , with , what to feed , you cat , putting itch cream , on Her , WON”T STOP , THE ITCH , on the ,” IN SIDE “. I am learning too , I can tell you this , thousands of people ……will never trust …… Pet food again .
the sight is ………. htt://wwwitchmo
There is also a link , bad food , for dogs or cats .
I am praying ……….. for all our animals , keep searching , your cat is worth it , She has a soul too. Thel

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