Can A Dog Catch The Mange, By Walking Around Where The Once Contaminated Dog Was?

A Dog With Mange Issue

mange curesSomeone put a dog with the mange in my backyard. I had the dog removed but now I’m afraid to let my dogs out. I don’t want to take the chance of them catching it also. Is there something I can spray or dust my yard with to prevent any chance of my dogs catching it or something I can give my dogs as a precaution. Red fox mange can my dog catch it ? I have a shar pei and a chihuahua. Both dogs stay indoors and until the back yard is safe their outdoor time is very limited and on leash.

More About Dog Mange Issue

If the dog had demodex….then no. That’s hereditary. It’s not contagious at all. (Your dogs already have a few of those mites on them…all dogs do. It’s a genetic defect passed on through inappropriate breeding that allows them to propagate and cause skin disease.)

If the dog had scabies (sarcoptic )….then YES, other dogs can indeed pick it up out of the environment, although that’s not as common as direct contact. Revolution is quite effective at treating/preventing it. It’s a prescription product available from your DVM. Your dogs must be current on their annual heartworm tests before it can be dispensed. We used to have a good yard spray/powder available, but it was taken off the market.

Did you get it confirmed that it was one or the other type ? The reason I ask is that many times dogs have severe allergies, seborrhea, etc. that people are convinced is the ‘mange’….when it’s not at all. Ringworm (a skin fungus) can also appear to look like ‘it’…and it’s contagious to other animals as well (to humans, too.)

If you have any other questions, you really should call your own veterinarian and discuss the situation. Knowing your dogs, he/she is in the best position to advise you.

Glad to hear that they’re indoor dogs, and that you’ve taken steps to make sure that their outdoor time is safe. 🙂

Please NOTE: The ONLY heartworm preventative (in the U.S.) that also treats scabies is Revolution. Heartguard, Interceptor, and Sentinel do not. Neither do the other monthly flea medications (Advantage, Advantix, Frontline.) The active *ingredient* in Heartguard does actually treat scabies…but only at a dose of 100 times the dose in the heartworm preventative package. I sure wish people would only post about things they KNOW, rather than spreading false information. Another thing in cats, how to make a cat stop scratching on a sore?

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