Sulphur Treatment For Dog Mange?

A Problem On Dog Mange

dog mangei was adviced to use a pinch of sulphur with milk to cure dog mange ……i have seen improvement in my dog ,growth of hair, reduced scratching..but am unsure of the dose and how long to continue…any ideas?
vet has prescribed half of 12 mg ivermectin for six weeks (because its a young dog) and 3 days dose of avil…..which treatment should i follow?
she has small pink boils so i think its Sarcoptic mange (dog mange)

Our shepherd is just coming to the end of dog mange treatment.

Dog Mange Treatment Tips

I used Omega Oil capsules (1000 mg), 400 iu Vitamin E, selenium and 50 mg Zinc in her food. I was also using an antibacterial shampoo twice a week. I found a drop of grapefruit seed extract in each handful of shampoo was great too – its a really powerful antibacterial/antiviral/antimicrobial agent so use with care!

Sulfar treatment for mange? Homeopathically I was giving her sulphur, graphite and silicea tabs (30X) twice a day, for seven days only, break of 3 days, then another dose for a week for dog mange treatment.

I think a combination of all this really helped her for dog mange. You have to be patient – its a long, slow cure unfortunately. Please check with your vet before trying out any of the above just to make sure they will be safe and suitable for your pet. Best of luck. Pet mange should be treated. Is vitamin e selenium mange treatment good?

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