How to tell if my dog has mange or alopecia?

So I’ve been doing a lot or research. My dog (boxer) is only 9 months old. It seems her symptoms fall into both categories. She gets Frontline every month which I learned is known to protect against mange. I also have a cat and she has shown no signs or hair loss or mange which supposedly is contagious.They are as follows:

1. The spot is on her hind quarter, which is generally where alopecia in Boxers is found.
2. The skin has turned black. Alopecia.
3. She doesn’t itch it. Alopecia.
4. The skin is rough and dry. Mange
5. Some red pimple looking things have turned up, although I think it might be from rubbing the skin raw when she sits down. Mange.
6. She has started losing hair in other very small areas on the hind quarter. I don’t know which category this falls into.

I am taking her to the vet but wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience. I am worried it’s mange but don’t want to be stuck with a vet bill when they tell me it’s seasonal alopecia and they can’t do anything about it.

It is probably mange. I’ve had a dog, a boxer, with the exact same symptoms, we took him to the vet and the vet told me he had mange…so…that explains a lot. Take your dog to the vet of you haven’t already…but if you are a vet, well then, thats fine.

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