Home Remedy For Mange Besides Burnt Motor Oil??

Home Remedy For Mange

mange curesOur lab has the mange. We took him to the vet about a month ago and got a treatment for him, but it has come back, and Im not sure that it ever went away completely.Does anyone know of a home remedy that will cure the mange?? It cost us 140 bucks at the vet last time, and we need to save the cash this time if possible. I kind of feel like the money was wasted last time because like I said, Im not sure if it went away or not.
CLOVICAT…you dont have to get on your soapbox and preach about everybody’s ideas…..they gave me an answer, not you. If your so concerned with my decision, email me. Im not an idiot and I dont require constant adult interventions on Yahoo answers. Mind your business sweetie…..these people are giving answers……bug off and leave ’em alone. Is burnt motor oil on mange good? What is white vinegar mange? Can you use regular vegetable oil to treat a dogs staph infection?

Home Remedy Tips For Mange

this is pretty tough, and it takes a while, but it works

1-coat the dog with a thick coat of petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
2-let that stay on him 12 hours
(the washing it off is the hard part)
the Vaseline will both smother the disease and moisturize the skin
3-before adding any water to the dog lather his Vaseline covered fur with dawn dish washing liquid, it will take a LOT and u can’t use it around his eyes, he will just have to deal with a greasy head for a while
4-fill bath with warm water, a full box of baking soda & 1/2 cup of white vinegar per gallon of water used (you can estimate)
5-rinse and rinse and rinse….make sure the vinegar and baking soda solution gets all over the dog
6-drain the bath and rinse more, it will take a lot of water to get rid off all of the vaseline and dawn detergent

after doing this keep oil (baby oil or cocoa butter oil) on the dog for a couple of weeks
it will be close to impossible getting all of the vaseline out of the dog’s fur, but it won’t hurt him at all, it will help him…the vinegar is very important also, vinegar is a natural degreaser and it kills bacteria….the baking soda works like a scratch pad, a scrubbing agent that when you mix with vinegar and dishwashing liquid does wonders when cleaning don’t use regular doggy shampoo on him for a while either you can do this as often as needed when you use this you also won’t have to worry about fleas or mites. Get more information about a home remedy for mange by click here.

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