Does This Stray Cat Have Mange?

Mange Problem

cat mangeLately I have been feeding allot of stray cats that seem to live outside in the forest in my backyard. Today this new cat came around to my house and I tried to give it some food, it was surprisingly friendly and responsive. But the poor thing had half the hair off his tale gone (from the side where it connects to the body) plus hairloss from the tips of his ears, face and on his back where his shoulder blades are. And he has scabbing in those areas and it looks like bad skin too.

It May Be Mange

Sounds like it may have mange and needs help. There may be a local vet in your area who offers discounted rates for feral cats, I know there are lots of those type of services in my area.

There are two types of mange that cats can get, one is bacterial and one is from mites. Neither of them are dangerous to humans, although I would still handle the cat carefully until it is treated.

The most humane treatment for all of these cats would be to trap them, take them to the vet for discounted services and get them spayed and neutered.

I had a neighbor feeding a couple of strays years ago, they bred and bred and soon there was a huge herd of cats living on the hillside behind out homes. They would get injured or sick and had no human assistance…she would just supply the food that attracted them there and they were an enormous nusciance, fighting with my cats, digging in my yard and garden, making lots of noise and just generally being pests. If you fix them, you won’t subject your neighborhood to this sort of problem.

There may be an organization in your area that assists with this. Try doing seaches for local cat rescue.

For more information on a cure for mange in cats start here.

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Mange Treatment

Mange Spray Treatment

mange treatment - mange mitesThe Pets’BestRx Mange Treatment Spray is the most technologically advanced treatment for Mange. There are no poisons or pesticides in the formulation of our Pets’BestRx Mange Treatment Spray like in other products available on the market.

It simply treats the skin caused from an auto immune response caused by the mites exoskeletons, saliva and feces. Our Pets’BestRx Mange Treatment Spray is Easy-To-Use suitable treatment for mange. Perhaps thats why we have seen a surge in demand for this product over the last several years.

EFFECTIVE USES: Safe to use directly on skin ravaged by Sarcoptic, Demodectic, and Notoedric Mange. Cleans and promotes healing. Safe to use on all animals including birds and reptiles.