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Ringworm on pets most often looks like a raised round circular patch of skin. This is where ringworm received its name. Your pet may have ringworm without the “ring” shape.

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Most of our products are made with natural ingredients, however not all of our products are completely natural. One product that does contain natural active ingredients is our PetsBestRx Sulfinex Cream. Our PetsBestRx Sulfinex Cream is composed of white sulfur MSM, pine oil and other essential oils, these are all natural ingredients.

Another product that we sell for our pet ringworm treatment is our PetsBestRx Healing Gel. This product is used for dog ringworm only; it is not to be used on cats. The Healing Gel consists of the active ingredient benzalkonium chloride which a completely safe and non-toxic ingredient. It is antifungal and antibacterial so if a bacterial infection is present it would be able to assist in treatment. For cats with ringworm we have the PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray.

The Healing and Protection Spray is specially formulated for cats with ringworm because the Healing Gel is too strong. The active ingredient in the Healing and Protection Spray is also benzalkonium chloride. Another product that is available for pet ringworm is our PetsBestRx Pet Wash. It is made to be used on dogs and not on cats. If your dog weighs less than five pounds, it is suggested that it be diluted half pet wash to half water for treatment. This is just an overview of our pet ringworm products for more information you can visit .

There is no specific number of ringworm cases in pets. Some are reported and some are not so it is difficult to give a true answer to this question. It is most important to treat your pet for ringworm once you realize they have come in contact with the ringworm fungus spores.

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All of our pet ringworm products are safe enough to be used around children. They can also be applied by children if needed. The pet ringworm products are topical so you do not have the added stress of administering an oral ringworm treatment. They are all very easy to use.

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Yes, our products work to encase the ringworm and kill the fungus on the skin. They are topical products that can also heal the skin. All of our products are completely safe and non-toxic.

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In most cases pet ringworm is severely itchy. Not all cases of ringworm itch, depending on the animals skin type and sensitivity. It also depends on how long your pet has been infected with ringworm, or the area in which the ringworm exists.

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