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The PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray should be lightly sprayed on the areas where mange mites are present on the skin. Rub the spray into the skin for about five to ten seconds. No rinsing is required. You need to alternate using the PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray and the PetsBestRx Sulfinex Cream each day for a successful mange treatment.

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Dogs or cats may continue to become re-infested with dog mange or cat mange due to failure to treat the environment. If the environment in which the pet dwells is not treated for mange mites, the animal will continue to become re-infested with mange mites with increasing severity.

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The first product that we offer is our PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray. This product can be used on cats or dogs. The PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray is formulated to break down the exoskeleton of the mange mites causing them to dehydrate and die. It will also break down the membrane of the mange mite eggs.

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To tell that your pet has mange you will be able to tell that they are lethargic, loss of appetite, redness, bumps and inflammation. We do offer our PetsBestRx Pet Wash, Mitactin Spray and Sulfinex Cream for the treatment of mange on your pet.

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It is recommended the infected animal be kept away from other animals to avoid a household epidemic of mange. The infected pet should finish mange mite treatment before being introduced back into the areas where other pets reside. Mange is extremely contagious and is spread by direct contact with an infected animal. Read the rest of this entry »

Yes. Any areas your pet may inhabit need to be treated including bedding, kennels, and any carpet and furniture your pet may come in contact with.Treating the environment in which your pet with mange resides is crucial to completing eradicating mange mites and preventing re-infestation. This can be done using our All Stop DE-Stroy Pest Control Eco Dust or our PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray. Read the rest of this entry »

Yes. Although it is rare for a dog to transfer mange to a dog and visa versa, it is possible. Cats more commonly contract notoedric mange which is not a common form of mange for a dog to have.

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It is not required you shave your pet. It is easier to apply the PetsBestRx mange mite products if the hair is cut short. This will aid in the appliction of the products and to make sure they are fully absorbed into the skin.

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Our products are recommended to be used daily on your pet for a mange cure. Our PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray and our PetsBestRx Sulfinex Cream are used daily alternating the products every other day. Our PetsBestRx Pet Wash is supposed to be applied once a week for an effective mange mite treatment. Read the rest of this entry »

No. Mange mites are limited to animal infestations. Scabies is the form of human mites which animals cannot contract. Animal mange mites can however, bite people and cause irritation which can lead to secondary infections. But the mange mites cannot live on you or your family.

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