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Your pet does not have to be any certain age before using our ear mite cure. We use our PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray or Ear Wash Treatment and our PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray to work against ear mites.

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Our ear mite products are available at our corporate offices in Erath, Louisiana. Our ear mite solution is also available online at .

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In some cases it has been report that ear mites can infest humans. This depends on the severity of the infestation of ear mites in your pet.

Some symptoms of human ear mites can be intense itching of the ears or the sound of paper crumpling in your ear. There are reports of ear mite infestations in people but it can only occur if your pet has ear mites really bad.  If you are noticing these symptoms it is suggested to see a physician for assistance.

Ear mites however, usually prefer to remain on the host and are very rarely reported on people. We do have products to treat ear mites in pets. We treat ear mites with our PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray and PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray.  Our company also offers several options for the treatment of ear mites in your home.

One product is our PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray. This is a ready to use hospital grade disinfectant that can be used to clean and sanitize your home when dealing with earmites. We do offer our All Stop DE-Stroy Pest Control Eco Dust to treat your home for ear mites. This is a food grade diatomaceous earth powder that is completely safe to use around kids and pets as well as yourself. This product can be used indoors and outdoors. It can also be sprinkled on your pet’s coat and rubbed in for help with other insect infestations.

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Ear mites are extremely host specific and chances of ear mite infestation except its hosts are very rare. Ear mites usually do not infest species other than cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters. Humans do not catch ear mites from their pets in routine. In cases of severe infestation ear mites might spread to the surrounding including human body but these mites cannot survive for longer periods outside their hosts. They may cause temporary irritation in your ears or other parts of the body and usually such signs are for very short time. The ear mite cannot proliferate on human body.

If you are sharing a bed with your pet, chances of getting mites on your body will increase. It is advised to contact a doctor if you observe any signs of ear mite infestation on your body. Taking a bath with a disinfectant soap immediately may help in relieving the problem.

Our products are suggested to be used on puppies or kittens four weeks and older. Normally, you will not be able to tell that you are dealing with an ear mite infestation until after that period of time, so this should not pose as a problem.

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Ear mites can be highly uncomfortable and painful for your pet. It is important as a pet owner to start your ear mite treatment as soon as symptoms occur. We have done trials and case studies with our ear mite customers. Read the rest of this entry »

There are a few home remedies for ear mites that have been used for many years, if you don’t have the means to take your pet to the vet.

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A miticide is any pesticide that is used to kill mites. Some of these are permethrin, ivermectin or mitaban.  There are a lot of pesticide treatments that are available for ear mites.

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The first product of the ear mite treatment is the PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray. The PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray is made of ionic and anionic surfactants which are soaps and detergents.

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Yes, all of our ear mite products are safe enough to be used on sick animals. The ear mite treatment is proven 98.5% successful through trials and case studies.

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Our company has been in business since 2003. In this time period we have tried to offer a successful nontoxic treatment for ailments on people and pets.

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