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Our ear mite products are made to get rid of the mites in the ear and heal any ear infections associated with the mites. These products were not formulated to be used to prevent ear mites.

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We do have some veterinarians that recommend and endorse or products for an ear mite treatment. Other vets may not recommend our products because they do not know about them.

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Yes, ear mites can be transferred from a cat to a dog or from a dog to a cat, especially if they are sleeping in the same areas of your home.  When dealing with an ear mite infestation it is suggested to quarantine your pet.

Ear mites can be transferred to objects in your environment that the infected pet comes in contact with. When treating for ear mites, it is also important to treat your environment because this condition is highly contagious. For treating your home we offer the PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray which can be sprayed on furniture, carpeting, bedding and hard surfaces as well.

We also offer the All Stop DE-Stroy Pest Control Eco Dust which is a very fine food grade diatomaceous earth. This product is known to cut the exoskeleton of the mites which causes them to dehydrate and die.

We treat ear mites on the ear with our PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray and PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray. These products should be alternated daily using one in the morning and one at night. They only need to be lightly used, with these products less is better.

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Ear mite infestation is highly contagious and fast spreading. Cats and dogs are the chief species affected from ear mite. The specie of mites which cause infestation is the same for dogs and cats. The disease usually spreads through close and direct contact. Cats can acquire ear mites form dogs by close contact. If cats and dogs are confined in the same place chances of infestation will increase. The infected dog may shed mites in to the surroundings and cats can catch ear mites from its environment also.

The best solution to prevent such infestation is isolation of the infected animal. Keep your infected pet away from healthy ones and avoid their contact with each other. Infected pets should be kept in isolation till complete recovery. If isolation and quarantine is not feasible, try to minimize contact between the infected and healthy animals. Applying ear mites control products to household products such as carpets and furniture may also help in preventing spread of the mites.

An ear mite is a small parasitic creature that usually lives in the ears of animals. This causes severe itch and inflammation. The mites can also live on the head or body of dogs and cats with the same effect.

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Here at Qbased we offer two products to treat for ear mites. These are the Mitactin Spray and our Healing and Protection Spray. The Healing and Protection spray is the first step we normally recommend on our paper regimen.

First you may want to wrap your pet in a blanket or towel with the head exposed. Then you apply the Healing and Protection spray on either a q-tip or cotton ball and swab the outer ear canal including the flaps of the ears. The Healing and Protection spray kills the bacteria in the area and also helps with the inflammation.

Thirty minutes later, you want to apply the Mitactin spray to a cotton ball or q-tip and swab the outer ear canal as well as the flaps of your pet’s ears. You want to get out as much debris as possible. The Mitactin spray kills the mites in the ears as well as on the head or even your pet’s tail.

We also offer environmental products which include the ready to use PuraCleen disinfectant spray and our concentrated cleaner which is called Xtreme Cleen. The Xtreme Cleen was designed to be diluted to mop floors or clean carpets, to be put in a washing machine or even to be made into a ready to use spray by diluting 2 oz to gallon of water similar to the strength of the ready to use disinfectant spray.

Both of these products can prevent re-infestation of ear mites in your home. Besides our environmental products we also offer our Mighty Vites which is an immune booster. It is very important that your pet’s immune system be well maintained because a healthy system fights off secondary infection and helps them to heal faster.

One of the other products we offer for the environment is our DeStroy Eco dust which is 100% food grade diatomaceous earth. It is safe to use inside as well as outside of your home. You can use this dust on your pet’s bedding, in their kennel, on your furniture or even outside in your home. This prevents re-infestation of ear mites in your home. It is also effective against spiders, ants and other insects.

There are two basic lines of treatment for ear mites. First is the systemic one and second one is local treatment. In systemic treatment antiparasitic agents are given through parental route which is the most effective way of ear mites control. But in this type of treatment only the animal gets treatment, while in case of ear mites we need to treat the environment as well.

Second way of treatment is local application of antiparasitics on infected parts such as the ear. This type of treatment is less effective than systemic treatment but is easy to use. This method can be practiced at home without need of a veterinarian. Different types of sprays, powders and ointments are used for this purpose.

Some people prefer to use home remedies for treating ear mites. Such methods have minimal effect and chances of recovery and poor. Along with medical treatment, proper management techniques should be followed for quick recovery and to avoid reinfestaion. All medication should be used according to the instructions of veterinarian or label provided with the medication.

When first starting our ear mite treatment, you begin with the PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray and then use the PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray or Ear Wash Treatment.

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Our ear mite products are proven 98.5% successful in working against ear mites. This has been proven through several trials and case studies. Many people have done testimonials about these products that are listed on the website.

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It is your choice to treat all of your pets even if they do not have ear mite symptoms. Ear mites are highly contagious and are usually easily transfer from one pet to another.

This is especially true if they are sleeping in the same areas. The ear mites can crawl from your pet to the bedding and wait until another pet comes to sleep in the same area and then crawl and infect the new pet.

It is suggested to use the PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray very lightly on your pet’s ears that are not showing physical symptoms of ear mites. This product can be used spartically as a preventative to clean out the ear. It is suggested when treating a pet for ear mites to come them quarantined from other pets.

We do offer our All Stop DE-Stroy Pest Control Eco Dust to treat your home for ear mites. This is a food grade diatomaceous earth powder that is completely safe to use around kids and pets as well as yourself. The DE-Stroy Eco Dust can be used indoors and outdoors.

The PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray should also be used all over the home to disinfect your environment. This is a ready to use hospital grade disinfectant spray. We also have a concentrated disinfectant called PuraCleenRx Xtreme Cleen. This product can be used as a spray, for mopping or in the laundry for ear mites.

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Ear mites’ infestation is notably transmittable and spreads very easily. If infected and non infected animals are in close contact, the healthy ones may catch mites very easily. If none of your pets are having any signs and symptoms of ear mites then there is no need to treat your pets. If some of the pets are having ear mites and others are mite free then there is no harm in treating the healthy ones, as spread of mites is very likely. Sometimes a pet may not show any signs up to a certain time even though it is infected. In cases of low mite load you may be unable to detect or notice any significant signs.

Treating all the pets is advised if the pets are sharing the same kennel or living in close contact with each other. In case there is a litter living with an infected mother, treatment can be done for all the pets.

The common signs of ear mites include the shaking of the head, coffee ground debris in the ears, excessive buildup, bad odor, scratching around the ears, rubbing of the face, and also sores behind the ears from scratching.

If you notice any of these signs, your pet might have ear mites. We have products to treat for ear mites and to help prevent ear mites from coming back. The products to treat for ear mites are PetsBestRx Mitactin EAr Wash Spray and the PetsBestRx Healing  Spray. The Pet Mitactin Spray is used to attack the mites, eggs and larva.

It also stops the life cycle. The Pet Healing and Protection spray is used to help your pet from infections that are caused by the ear mites. We also offer environmental products such as the ready to use PuraCleenRx ready to use Disinfectant Spray. We also have the concentrated product called the PuraCleenRx Xtreem Clean Concentrate.

These products can be used to clean your home or environment to help prevent secondary infections. It is also helpful in preventing your pet from getting re-infected and sick including yourself.  We also have the Eco Dust Diatomaceous Earth Powder. It is food grade, safe, and non-toxic. The powder will not harm your pets. You can use the Diatomaceous Earth Powder inside or outside your home.

The best way to diagnose ear mites in your pet is through its specific signs and symptoms and change in behavior that you pet will show. The common sign and symptoms are as follow.

1-Head shaking: Your pet will shake its head vigorously and repeatedly due to irritation.

2-Scratching: The infected pet will scratch its ears and the surrounding areas.

3-Debris in the ear: Debris resembling ground coffee may be observed in the ears.

4-Sores around the ear: Sores developed due to scratching can be observed around the ears.

5-Bad odor: Sometimes a specific bad odor may come from the infected dog.

A regular ear exam should be performed by the owner to check his pet for presence of mites. In case of presence of any signs of ear mites a qualified veterinarian should be consulted immediately. Some or all of the above signs may be present at a time.

Yes, ear mites can be very stressful for your pet. Some symptoms of ear mites include black specs or residue in the ear, shaking of the head, rubbing of the face and excessive wax build up.

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