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Most cured ear infections in animals do not normally return. Some dogs are more susceptible to ear infections than others but it is not discussed whether this is associated with certain breeds of dogs or not.

Ear infections can occur in any breed or dog or cat. Ear infections can normally be helped by using a preventative solution once or twice per week. Our PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray can be used as an ear infection preventative solution. This is applied by lightly spraying on a Q-Tip or Cotton Swap and cleaning the ear flap and a little inside of the ear making sure not to go to deep.

You can also try to prevent ear infections by making sure that your pet’s ears stay dry. Sometimes this will require a drying agent and sometimes it will not, it can depend on the breed of dog. You can use a drying agent after bathing or swimming with your pet. It is important to keep the dog’s ear canal dry because it can cause an infection just like swimmer’s ear in humans. A primary cause of ear infections can also be pet allergies.

You want to start treatment for pet allergies as soon as your pet starts scratching or itching. Having ear mites present in the ear can also cause a bacterial infection to set in. The long acting PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray would be used to kill bacterial infections in the ear and help with the ear mite treatment along with the natural PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray.

Ear infection is a very common issue in all animals including pets and farm animals. Pets, especially pets with large and fluffy ears are more susceptible to ear infections as compared to other animals. Infection of the ear usually involves the outer portion and results in an inflammation of the ear called otitis.

The cause of infection is either internal or external. In case some cases infection may develop due to some internal problem in the ear. Different parasites and bacterial or fugal species are also involved in infection of ears.

A secondary bacterial infection and sepsis may also develop due to some injury or wound in the ear. In small animals like dogs, cats and sheep myiasis may also occur due to improper management. The problem can be diagnosed and differentiated through its clinical signs and different laboratory test. Treatment varies with specie, condition and type of condition. Prognosis is usually good in mild cases and in severe cases damages like hear loss can occur.

The Eco Dust is easy to use. You simply sprinkle the dust all around your home and pay special attention to the areas in which your pet sleeps.

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Ear mites do not like one breed of pet more than the next. They will infest any pet whether young or older or cats or dogs.

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You can browse the available treatments for ear mites by going here.

There are several ear mite products on the market; however there are only a few that have be studied and tested to work.  We suggest you use something that is natural and non toxic.  You have choices and we have described them below.  We suggest you always take the natural route when getting rid of ear mites, but beware, not all of them work.

It is not necessary to bring your pet to a vet when you want to buy ear mite products.  The article below should help you make your decision as to how to treat your pet for ear mites before you buy.

Common types of products used for ear mites

Ear mites, an annoying external parasite of pets cause infection of the ear canal and ear drum. Ear mites are not confined to ears as the name suggest, it spread to other body parts. The ear mites are treated by flushing the ear debris and mites using insecticide as in fleas. It may be less stressful to eliminate ear mites with natural treatments like:

  • Antiseptic tea rinse: Green tea is a natural antiseptic. It can be used to flush out all the ear debris from the ear canal.
  • Oil treatments: oil soothes the ear and suffocates all the mites as well.
  • Non Toxic products:  such as Mitactin for ear mites

Veterinarians prescribe topical antibiotics for pets to treat minor cut, scratches due to mild allergies and inflammation that comes in a variety of forms including sprays, ointments, lotions etc. Common typical antibiotics are:

  • Panalog cream is topical antibiotics to treat ear and skin infections.
  • Ointments such as bacitracin, neomycin, polymyxin B and mycitracin are safe but your dog’s wound should be monitored daily for swelling and redness.

Our products for ear mites do not have a determined age limitation on them. Some products are known to work only on pets four weeks of age and up.

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Yes, ear mites do lay eggs. They do have to mate in order to lay eggs and reproduce.  They usually lay the ear mites eggs in the ear canal or in the surrounding area or fur.

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Yes, you can bathe you pets even if they have ear mites. It is suggested to bathe your pet as normal. Ear mites can travel to other parts of the body.

It is most common to have ear mites on the face, paws and tails because of the positions pets sleep in. If you notice intense itching on other parts of the body besides the ears, this may be the case. If you suspect ear mites are on other parts of your pet’s body, you can use our PetsBestRx Pet Wash because it is effective against mange.

If you notice that your pet has a septic smell it is essential to follow up treatment with the Pet Wash. The presence of a septic smell is a sign of an underlying staph infection on the skin. The Pet Wash is effective against the staph infection and is very important to use if there are mites on your pet’s body. Do not use the PetsBestRx Pet Wash in the ears for an ear mite treatment.

We treat ear mites with our PetsBestRx Mitactin Spray and PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray. When treating for ear mites, it is also important to treat your environment because this condition is highly contagious. We do offer our All Stop DE-Stroy Pest Control Eco Dust to treat your home for ear mites. This is a food grade diatomaceous earth powder that is completely safe to use around kids and pets as well as yourself. We also offer the PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray and the PuraCleenRx Xtreme Cleen for the disinfecting of your environment.

More information on “can i bathe my pet while they have ear mites”

Your pet’s hygiene plays an important role in its overall health, and bathing is an important part of hygiene. Ear mites lodge in the ears of dogs and cats generally and spread to other body parts like paws, neck and tail in severe cases. You can certainly bath your pet while it has ear mites. Not only you can bathe your pet while it has ear mites, but it becomes rather important in case of ear mite infestation. Most parasites like dirty and foul conditions and these conditions favor its growth. Bathing your pet will keep it clean, as well as prevent spread of ear mites to other parts of the body.

A few precautions must be followed while bathing your pet. Wash the head part first followed by other parts of the body. Try to avoid spread of water, with which ears are washed to other parts of the body as they may contain mites. If you are bathing your pet in a tub try to keep the head outside the tub and wash it separately to avoid spread of the mites. Always bathe infected animals separately from non infected ones.

Your pet is scratching his ears all the time, is irritated, shaking his head constantly and has a brown crust in his ears. Presence of all or some of these signs confirms the presence of ear mites on your pet. If you observe any of the above signs, have a close examination of your pet’s ears and you may observe more. The ears may have become red or swollen due to repeated scratching and a crust may be present inside the ears. Both the inner and outer portions of ear look inflamed.

For a confirmatory diagnosis the pet can be taken to a veterinarian where he can confirm it through microscopic examination and differential clinical signs. Performing conventional treatment for ear mites and monitoring the results can also be helpful in diagnosing ear mites. History of your pet’s interaction with other animals can help in correct diagnosis of the issue

There are a few ways that you can know if your pet has ear mites. Ear mites can be a horrible irritating and painful problem for your pet. Ear mites can also lead to a serious bacterial infection in the ear. The sooner you can start an ear mite treatment the better this will be for your pet.

The ear mite is a tiny little creature that lives on the surface of your pet’s ear. The condition is highly transmittable and can be passed from pet to pet, animal to animal, or human to animal. Ear mites don’t only live on the pet’s ear but they can also live on your pet’s body. Especially cats they tend to curl their tail near their face when sleeping and this can cause the mites to move to the tail.

One sign that you pet may have ear mites is by looking in the ear and noticing redness or irritation. Sometimes your animals will shake their heads or scratch at their ears. You may also see a built up of wax in the ear that looks like little black specs of dried up blood or feces. They may also be off balance or not want to hold their head upright or rub the head on carpeting or furniture.

We treat ear mites with our PetsBestRx Ear Wash Treatment and PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray. You can apply the PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray to the ear by spraying it on a Q-tip or cotton swab and applying it to the ear flap. Do not go any farther in the ear than the cotton tip of the Q-tip.  Pushing a Q-tip too far in the ear can cause a ruptured ear drum especially in cats.

The PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray is made to clean out the debris from the ear and also to help heal any ear infections from bacteria that may have been caused by the mites. The PetsBestRx Ear Wash Treatment is used to kill the ear mites in the ear and dehydrate the ear mite eggs. The All Stop Pest Control Eco Dust can be used in your home for ear mites. This product can be used indoors and outdoors.

Some signs your pet may have ear mites are scratching of the ears, whining, shaking of the head and dark debris in the ear. This black debris normally looks like coffee grounds in the ear.

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You can still breed animals when they have ear mites. It is suggest however to treat the pets for ear mites before they are bred. If you breed a pet that has ear mites this can cause the other pet to catch them.

Also once the litter is born they will also catch ear mites from the mother. Ear mites are highly contagious and easily spread from one pet to another. We do offer products for the treatment of ear mites. We treat ear mites with our PetsBestRx Ear Mite Wash Treatment Spray and PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray.

We also offer environmental products to assist with the treatment of ear mites in your home. Two of these are hospital grade disinfectants that can be used to clean your kitchen, bedding, flooring, carpeting and even furniture. We also offer a powder for ear mites. This is our All Stop DE-Stroy Pest Control Eco Dust.

Sometimes when your pet is dealing with ear mites they are also suffering from a lowered immune system. We do offer our PetsBestRx Mighty Vites to naturally boost your pet’s immune system.  This would help them to fight any infection that may be in the ear and also to heal quickly from ear mites.

If you have any more questions or need to speak with a customer service specialist you can call 1-337-937-8800 or visit us online at .

More info on “can you breed dogs or cats with ear mites”

Cats and dogs with ear mites can be bred like normal pets but is not advised. Ear mites will not cause any harm to the reproductive system of your pet or the fetus. The only risk involved with breeding of pets with ear mites is the spread of infestation. Ear mites are usually highly contagious and spread really fast. There are chances that the cat or dog will catch mites during breeding from the already infected partner. Also there are chances that the new born litter will catch ear mites from the mother. Ear mites cause extreme itching of the ear and eventually the pet comes under stress. This stress can be harmful for the pregnant animal and the newborn litter. Pets can tolerate very little stress during their early life and pregnancy. Stress due to ear mites will bring the immunity down and animal becomes prone to other diseases.

It is advised to treat your pet for ear mites before carrying out breeding. This will ensure the future safety of your pet and progeny.

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