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Some treatments used by veterinarians work and some do not. It is a luck of the draw. The most common reason that pet ringworm vet treatments do not work is because the owners are not treating the environment.

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No, we do not claim to specialize in pet ringworm. Q-Based Healthcare does treat other pet ailments besides pet ringworm. Some of these are mange, pet arthritis, ear mites and pet staph infections.

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We do offer several products for the treatment of ringworm on your pet’s skin and in your home. All of our pet ringworm and environmental products are completely safe, non-toxic and non-staining.

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Our PetsBestRx Sulfinex Cream is composed of mainly white sulfur MSM and pine oil. White sulfur MSM will help with itching, kill ringworm spores and heal the ringworm sore. The pine oil also helps with the severe itch from ringworm.

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