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Some treatments used by veterinarians work and some do not. It is a luck of the draw. The most common reason that pet ringworm vet treatments do not work is because the owners are not treating the environment.

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The PetsBestRx Healing Gel is suggested for use on dogs and larger animals. It is not to be used on cats or more delicate animals. In your ringworm treatment for dogs you need to alternate using the PetsBestRx Healing Gel and the PetsBestRx Sulfinex Cream.

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Regular dog shampoos do not work for ringworm because they are not anti-fungal. If you do find an anti-fungal dog shampoo, please make sure it is safe for use on your pet.

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Yes, the products can help with scarring. Because the spores are burrowed in the skin, it does take time to draw them out and heal the skin. The length of time for treatment will depend on how long your pet has been suffering with ringworm.

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