Ear Mites

There is no known shot to kill ear mites. Sometimes a penicillin shot will be given when dealing with an infection from ear mites.  However, shots can be very painful.

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A miticide is any pesticide that is used to kill mites. Some of these are permethrin, ivermectin or mitaban.  There are a lot of pesticide treatments that are available for ear mites.

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Yes the product will still be effective but it will not take care of any ear infections. If your pet is experiencing an infection due to ear mites, you must use the PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray twice per day.

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Yes, all of our ear mite products are completely safe and non-toxic. Also our environmental products can be used around children and pets safely.

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There is not a determined amount of cases of ear mites. The only ones known about are the ear mite cases that have been reported by vets and there are much more that have not been reported.

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It is your decision whether you will allow your kids to play with a pet that has ear mites. If your pet is dealing with a very heavy infestation of ear mites, it is possible for them to be transferred to your children.

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You pet can come into contact with an ear mite from animal to animal contact or host to host contact. This also includes human to animal contact.

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It is your choice to treat all of your pets even if they do not have ear mite symptoms. Ear mites are highly contagious and are usually easily transfer from one pet to another.

This is especially true if they are sleeping in the same areas. The ear mites can crawl from your pet to the bedding and wait until another pet comes to sleep in the same area and then crawl and infect the new pet.

It is suggested to use the PetsBestRx Healing and Protection Spray very lightly on your pet’s ears that are not showing physical symptoms of ear mites. This product can be used spartically as a preventative to clean out the ear. It is suggested when treating a pet for ear mites to come them quarantined from other pets.

We do offer our All Stop DE-Stroy Pest Control Eco Dust to treat your home for ear mites. This is a food grade diatomaceous earth powder that is completely safe to use around kids and pets as well as yourself. The DE-Stroy Eco Dust can be used indoors and outdoors.

The PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray should also be used all over the home to disinfect your environment. This is a ready to use hospital grade disinfectant spray. We also have a concentrated disinfectant called PuraCleenRx Xtreme Cleen. This product can be used as a spray, for mopping or in the laundry for ear mites.

More Information on “do i need to treat all of my pets even though they do not have ear mite symptoms”

Ear mites’ infestation is notably transmittable and spreads very easily. If infected and non infected animals are in close contact, the healthy ones may catch mites very easily. If none of your pets are having any signs and symptoms of ear mites then there is no need to treat your pets. If some of the pets are having ear mites and others are mite free then there is no harm in treating the healthy ones, as spread of mites is very likely. Sometimes a pet may not show any signs up to a certain time even though it is infected. In cases of low mite load you may be unable to detect or notice any significant signs.

Treating all the pets is advised if the pets are sharing the same kennel or living in close contact with each other. In case there is a litter living with an infected mother, treatment can be done for all the pets.

Ear mites will not bite your family. Ear mites are tiny microorganisms that resemble tiny ticks. Some signs your pet may have ear mites are scratching of the ears, whining, shaking of the head and dark debris in the ear.

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No, our PetsBestRx ear mite treatment products are complete safe and nontoxic. They will not harm your family or your pets. Read the rest of this entry »

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