Are ear mites on a dog contagious to other animals in my home?

Ear Mites Problem

treating ear mites - ear mites treatmentI have a 6 year old Huskie/ shepard mix that just moved into my home and I think she has ear mites , is this contagious to my other dog and cat?

If your daughter is a vet, there’s NO WAY she would have said no. Ask her again. Either you misunderstood, or she’s not really a DVM.

Ear mites Are Highly Conatgious

Ear mites are indeed highly contagious between fur-bearing animals in contact with each other….so much so, that when we diagnose them in one pet, we automatically treat ALL the pets in the household whether they are showing signs or not. If you don’t, just as soon as one clears up, another one will have them….and when that one clears up, the first one will have them again. (The life cycle of the mites takes 3 weeks to complete.)

The problem is that many people waste their time and effort (and money) treating earmites that don’t exist in their pet. Bacterial/yeast infections are just as likely…and show the same symptoms. The only way to tell is to look into the ear with a special instrument we use (called an otoscope), and to look at the ear debris under a microscope. If earmites are confirmed, we have a medication that is 99% effective with a single application (the company says 100%, but every once in awhile we have to retreat 3-4 weeks later.) If it’s a bacterial/yeast infection, he might need a deep ear flush, followed by appropriate prescription medications. Sometimes, we’ll find a tumor or foreign object (like an embedded grass seed or thorn) down in the ear canal.

If proper treatment is delayed, permanent damage to the eardrum and middle ear can develop, resulting in deafness.

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Ear Mites Treatment

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