How to tell the difference between ear infection and ear mites in a dog?

Ear Mites Problem in Dog

treating ear mites - ear mites treatmentI have a 9 month old maltipoo. He has a black discharge in his ears. But it’s not like what you’d expect with ear mites (it doesn’t look like coffee grounds which I’ve read is common.) It smells really bad and no matter what I’ve tried at home I can seem to figure it out. I tried using rubbing alcohol like I do for my other dog but it just won’t clear up. My vet is out of town for the month so I can’t see him now. So is this ear mites or an infection? Is it something that should be looked at right away or can it wait till the vet is back at then end of the month? Anything else I could try?

Ear Mites Are Usually Brown

Ear mites are usually brown and hard to clean out. Sounds like it could be an infection..I would take the dog to another vet then to have it checked out. Not only can it cause damage to th ears, I imagine that it is not very comfortable for the dog!

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Ear Mites Treatment

ear mites - ear mites treatment - treating ear mites - dog ear mites - prevent ear mites - ear mite medicineEar Mite Medicine Pack
Ear Mite Pack is used when you want to take the more aggressive approach when treating your pet’s skin ravaged by Ear Mites.

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This Ear Mite Pack repairs skin, removes debris, and also prevents infections.
Learn more about Ear Mites.

Ear mites are probably the most well known of ear problem possibilities, but rare in adult animals that have not had contact with a puppy or kitten that has them (most common form of transmission). Ear Mites are obligate parasites, meaning that they have to live on the host animal, so physical contact with an infected animal is necessary for spread. The Mite life cycle is 3 weeks from egg to adult, therefore the treatment must span 3 weeks to rid the pet of the infection.

Ear Mite Pack is effective in treating the area affected by Ear Mites.

The Ear Mite Pack is part of our pet ear mites treatment product line.